Home News Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot: Search Underway for Potential Suspect

Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot: Search Underway for Potential Suspect

Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot: Search Underway for Potential Suspect

On Tuesday night, a shooting incident occurred in Taylor County in which an officer was involved. A Florida Blue Alert was immediately issued following the shooting incident and a search is underway for the fleeing suspect.

The incident occurred six miles in the south of Salem, Fla. which is located in the southern part of the country. Here are the details of the incident:

What Happened?

A blue alert was issued in Florida urging the public to help find a fleeing convict who could have a connection with the incident. According to a TSCO spokesperson, the man is suspected of having injured a Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot by the suspected man.

FHP says that the suspected man shot the Sheriff’s Deputy more than once. The deputy is reported to have sustained serious injuries and was supposedly airlifted from the scene of the incident immediately.

What is a Blue Alert?

A blue alert is an alert issued to an area when an officer in law enforcement is badly injured in the line of duty or found missing, or worse, killed by an individual. If any of these incidents happen so that they become circumstances that lead to concern over the supposed officer’s security, then the blue alert will be issued.

Details of the Suspect

The suspect involved in the incident and the potential person behind the shooting is Gregory Ryan Miedema. Miedema was last seen near United States-19 South Deer Run Road in Perry, Florida.

His bodily features are primarily a height of 5-feet, 8-inches having brown hair and blue eyes. The 33-year-old male’s approximate weight is around 165 pounds.

The authorities say that Gregory could be wearing a dark-colored tank top and was reported to be driving a 2000 gold Chrysler Sebring car. The car’s Fl tag is Y78TKU and has a dark-colored convertible roof-top.

A report from Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has revealed that Miedema is a registered sex offender. In the year 2011, he was convicted on multiple counts of crimes including lewd or lascivious battery, possession of child pornography while serving in the United States army, and intercourse with a minor of 12 to 15 years of age.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has issued the blue alert and asked the residents to help find the victim as soon as possible. However, the residents have been specially warned not to approach the suspect under any circumstances.

The officials have asked the residents to call 911 if they find any hints regarding the escaped suspect or spot him anywhere. You can also call the Taylor County Sheriff’s office at 850-584-2429. The officials have also released images of the suspect.


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