Home Sports UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Date, Time, City, and Stadium Host

UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Date, Time, City, and Stadium Host

UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Date, Time, City, and Stadium Host

We’re approaching the finale!

16 teams left, one final, all aiming to bag the trophy as they enter the knockout rounds, one of the three rounds left before the finals. You just can’t take your eyes off from what is about to come.

The three last rounds will finally tell us which will be the two legendary teams facing off each other in the Champions League finals for the victory cup of 2022. The quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League will be played for the duration of the first two weeks of April.

The semifinals will start during April’s end and end before May 5, which means the two fated teams for the finals will get about a month of rest to completely recover and be ready for the finals.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming 2022 UEFA Champions League Finals:

Where Will It Take Place?

The final tournament will be taking place in Russia this year. This will be the second time since the Champions League started when a final will be taking place in Russia. The first time a final took place in Russia was in 2008.

The match will be taking place in the Gazprom Arena, however, UEFA has imposed a rule that the stadiums will be called with the sponsor names for hosts of the events, therefore the stadium will be called Krestovsky Stadium.

The Krestovsky Stadium was built ahead of the World Cup tournament in Russia which took place in 2018 and it was originally meant to host the finals of the 2021 Champions League, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to the reorganization of final hosting duties.

To make up for that, the Krestovsky Stadium was given the opportunity to host the finals for this year instead.

When Do the Finals Take Place?

The final match of the competition will be held on 28th May on Saturday at 10 pm local time / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm ET. The location of the tournament is in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

If you are traveling to Russia for the match, then it is advised to be prepared for a long night as the trophy ceremony after the finals will be held way past midnight and so will be the penalty kicks and extra time.

How to Buy Tickets?

The finals tickets will be sold by the UEFA themselves where they will hold an official ballot and all teams will receive an allocation for their respective supporters.

UEFA has also announced that this year they will be giving away 10, 000 tickets for free. The tickets will be divided into half and be given to both finalist clubs. The clubs are supposed to pass the ticket to their most loyal 5000 supporters and not to club officials or their sponsors.

So if you are a loyal supporter of your teams then this is an opportunity for you, so don’t miss it!


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