Home News RAF Suspended for ‘Flashing His Bottom’ at Neighbours

RAF Suspended for ‘Flashing His Bottom’ at Neighbours

RAF Suspended for ‘Flashing His Bottom’ at Neighbours

After allegations that he exposed himself inappropriately to a neighboring family, an RAF marshal at the top of his rank has been dismissed from duty indefinitely.

In the yard of his £1.4 million Berkshire thatched home, Andrew Turner’s neighbors say they saw him walking nude, ‘without even wearing shoes,’ and exposing his backside at them.

At the time of his commissioning as an acting pilot officer in 1986, Turner was based at RAF Gütersloh. Upon his promotion to flying officer in 1987, he was then advanced to flight lieutenant in 1991, a unit commander in 1995, ultimately wing commander in 2000, all while maintaining his pilot officer rank. In 2003, in acknowledgment of his services in the Iraq War, he was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Simon Herbert’s partner Leslie Stevens and their18-year-old daughter were horrified’ to see Mr. Turner in the nude, he claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail. First, the family was worried about his well-being and went to speak with the former special forces captain to discuss the strange occurrence that had taken place earlier.

Their complaints led to an inquiry and dismissal of the married father of two, says the Thames Valley Police. Mr. Turner apologized for “any unintended and entirely unintentional distress that may have come from activities on our land” in a letter he delivered to the homeowners last week.

They assumed the air marshal was attempting to “duck accountability” since the explanation was simply signed with a squiggly monogram and not with his name.

Because of the flashing, the family is now hesitant to use their new hot tub in their backyard. Mr. Herbert said that he was only able to see Andrew for a fraction of a second before realizing it was him and that he was nude. Andrew had remained in the same part of his field and as I arrived, his face turned over to me and he seemed to be in shock or astonishment.

‘I could see that Andrew was fully naked not even wearing shoes. Andrew just looked at me and did not reply. ‘His hands remained down by his side and he just turned away from me and started walking slowly back up his paddock towards his house and garden.’

According to an RAF spokeswoman, since the officer is under investigation by authorities, Andrew Turner is “suspended from duty without prejudice.”


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