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New Campaign Launched by NHS to Help Heart Attack Victims Early

New Campaign Launched by NHS to Help Heart Attack Victims Early

Call 999!

NHS is launching a whole new campaign for the residents of the United Kingdom. The new campaign by NHS is aimed at those people who might be suffering from early symptoms of a heart attack.

The campaign is launched to curb the increasing number of heart disease patients in the United Kingdom. Here are the details of the campaign:

What is NHS?

NHS or the National Health Service is the healthcare system of England which is also funded publicly. NHS is one of the four National Health Service systems in the UK.

It was founded by Aneurin Bevan on July 5th.1948 with an aim to continuously improve the quality of care and health in the United Kingdom.

What is the Campaign About?

In the latest study by Open Heart journal, an estimated 300, 000 people in the UK have potential signs of a fatal heart valve disease whose symptoms only surface when the disease has already worsened.

However, a lot of these people pay no mind to the early symptoms and only realize when it is already too late. The NHS plans to work on it and help such patients early.

The campaign organized by the National Health Service will mainly encourage the residents of the UK to get in touch by dialing 999 whenever they feel like having early signs of a heart attack.

The campaign will also teach the residents the simple differences between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. The campaign’s aim will be to tackle the myths going around about heart attacks after it was found that three out of four people think that cardiac arrests and heart attacks are the same.

How and When

The campaign will be run by the NHS from February 14 to March 31 this year under the banner of ‘Help Us Help You’ which is the first heart attack specific campaign by the NHS.

The campaign is backed by celebrities like Richard Wilson and ‘Tubes’, the presenter of Sky Sports. Many prominent doctors in the UK believe that if only people recognize the vital signs of a heart attack early on, then thousands of death can be prevented in the future.

Professor Stephen Powis, the medical director of NHS said: “Sadly, cardiovascular disease causes a quarter of all deaths across the country and we have identified this as the single biggest area where we can save lives over the next decade. It can be easy to dismiss early symptoms as they don’t always feel severe, but it is never too early to dial 999 in this circumstance – and the faster you act, the better the chance of a full recovery”.

However, even after this, the results from the newest poll say that less than half of the people agreed on calling 999 if they or their family members experienced lesser-known symptoms of a heart attack early.

So NHS certainly has a lot of ground to cover to make this campaign successful.


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