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Overwatch 2 Beta to be Released Soon: Rumors

Overwatch 2 Beta to be Released Soon: Rumors

After being delayed for almost three years since 2019, some reliable news has come forward concerning Overwatch 2. The video game that has been a classic favorite is rumored to release its beta version soon.

Since 2019 only Overwatch 2 was a hot topic for gamers and tech-heads. But due to some or other reasons, it got delayed. But seems like the time has come when the beta version will be released.

The news came in after a Twitter account @FireTheGull, shared the same on Twitter. The tweet reads that “OW2 Beta is very likely releasing/being announced in about 3 weeks. Router update for some game services like battle net included an update for overwatch with _demo in it, or something similar. Someone on the forums provided evidence as well. Expect big news soon (IMO)”

Although the veracity of the tweet has not yet been examined but seems like the news is a reliable one. Additionally, Activision Blizzard has yet to make any form of statement about a beta. Readers should take everything with a grain of salt until they hear otherwise. Hence we can expect an official announcement soon.

Once the video game gets released it will be a massive hit as people are eyeing it now. If an Overwatch 2 beta is indeed in the works, it would be interesting to see how fans respond once they have had a chance to play the game.

But certain differences from the previous one are expected to be there. Overwatch 2 will differ from the original in several ways, including a new 5v5 style with one fewer Tank on each team.

It is hoped that this would result in a speedier game. Changes will also be made to several of the heroes, notably Mei. Despite these modifications, some critics have claimed that the sequel appears to be too identical to the original.

If that happens the similarity of the new one from the old one can become a bone of contention. An Overwatch 2 beta would allow fans to test this theory for themselves, as well as provide feedback on the game’s adjustments.

Gamers who are expecting a release date might have to sense a slight disappointment. This is because the news regarding the same has not been finalized yet. No official release date is finalized.

Talking about the platforms on which the games will be released, several platforms have been named. Overwatch 2 will be available on the same platforms as the first game, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Overwatch 2? Would you be interested in taking part in a game beta test? Let us know what you think in the comments. Let us together wait for an official announcement hopefully soon.


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