Home News Sotheby’s Auction Sells ”Man of Sorrows” Worth $45.4 Million

Sotheby’s Auction Sells ”Man of Sorrows” Worth $45.4 Million

Sotheby’s Auction Sells ”Man of Sorrows” Worth $45.4 Million

The “Man of Sorrows” was priced at $45.4 Million.

The painting which was overlooked for the longest time was sold at Sotheby’s auction on Thursday. The painting was priced at $45.4 million including fees. That adds so much to the trophy artwork of the year.

The painting was made by Sandro Botticelli and was one of the rare “autographed” paintings.

Sotheby revealed that the painting was the “second most” most expensive Old Master painting that was sold in the auction over five years.

In July 2019, the ”Portrait of a Young Man” was added to the list ”in the style of Botticelli” whose speculated expense was 1,000 times its cost estimated price. The portrait was priced at 7.5 million Swiss francs. The fees were over $8 million during an auction at Zurich.

Botticelli’s ‘Man of Sorrows’ Sold

After the “Potrait of a Young Man”, the second was Michele Marullo Tarcaniota from Botticelli. It was priced at $30 Million at Frieze Masters art.

Sotheby’s also sold ”Young Man Holding a Roundel” at $92.2 Million.

Finally, Sotheby has decided and announced that they will are going to sell “The Man of Sorrows.”

Furthermore, the auction house has claimed it to be “the defining masterpiece of Botticelli’s late career.”

“Master Paintings and Sculpture Part I” was the highlight of the Sotheby’s auction. The bidding went on for seven-minute between three bidders. The presale estimation was $40 Million.

“Though seemingly religious, it’s a painting of enormous humanity—a portrait of human suffering and spirituality that speaks a universal language,” The head of Sotheby’s Old Masters painting department, Christopher Apostle, said in a news release.

“Today’s result is not only testament to its power and importance, but also to the timelessness of works painted some 500 years ago.”

The “Man of Sorrows” painting was created in the 15th century and the 16th century as well. The painting is an offering from a U.S collection. Later in 1963, the painting was acquired by Sotheby for US $28,000.

The Botticelli was revealed in Hong Kong in New York in January 2022. It further went on a global tour and viewing in Dubai, Los Angeles, and London. The painting was to sell and it was certain.

“It was the right price for the subject — a ‘Christ of Sorrows,’” Marco Voena, an international art dealership partner said.

“It was a difficult period for Botticelli,” he added, referring to the fervid religiosity of the artist’s late works, which some deem as less beautiful.

Describing “Man of Sorrows”

According to Sotheby’s description of “The Man of Sorrows” which is a work from Botticelli and hails from 1500.

Furthermore, in Giorgio Vasari’s 1550, “Lives of the Artists”, the florentine painter is captured in fire-and-brimstone.

The Man of Sorrows’ upgraded version was countersigned by Keith Christiansen, the chairman of European paintings at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY.

In addition to the above, Scott Nethersole, a Botticelli scholar and an Italian Renaissance Art at the Courtauld Institute in London, thinks has his doubts about the “autograph” status.

Sotheby’s Auction Sells ”Man of Sorrows” Worth $45.4 Million

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