Home News A303 Near Stonehenge Closed Because of Serious Collision

A303 Near Stonehenge Closed Because of Serious Collision

A303 Near Stonehenge Closed Because of Serious Collision

Road crashes are one of the major reasons for serious and injurious deaths. Authorities from around the globe are advised and requested to devise rules for proper safety measures. This should be done to ensure that no deadly crashes or accidents occur.

One such crash occurred in Southern England. It occurred towards the beginning of today i.e. 28th January close to Stonehenge at around 2.30 am. Crisis administrations arrived at the scene on time.

Wiltshire Police say the A303 is stopped near the beginning of today in the two directions between the A345 and the A360 close to Stonehenge. Highways England confirms on their website that it is the result of a collision involving a walker and a vehicle, maybe a pedestrian or car.

Drivers on the A303 should be aware that the two bearings between the Longbarrow indirect A303/A360 and the Countess indirect A303/A345 are likely to be closed for some time. Drivers are addressed to plan for enough time and expect detours.

After the incident occurred Wiltshire Police went on to issue the following statement: “Due to an RTC, the A303 in both directions between the Longbarrow roundabout A303/A360 and the Countess roundabout A303/A345 is blocked in both directions. Because the route is expected to be closed for some time, please allow ample time for any detour.”

Along with Wiltsire Police National Highways too provided more details, stating: “Following an accident between a person and an HGV at #Stonehenge, the #A303 is CLOSED in both directions between the A345 and the A360. At this time, emergency services are on the site.”

A link too was provided by the National Highways to resolve the queries. Therefore, if you are facing any queries related to routes do click on this link and visit.

Guide for Travellers

Further, Detours are in place and England highways have advised eastbound travelers. They have been advised to follow the hollow square detours on the road signs. The hollow circle detour sign on the road sign should be strictly followed by the people who are planning to travel towards the west.

Apart from this here is a small guide for you to follow. This is a basic guide for people looking for alternate routes. For eastbound At the Longbarrow Roundabout, leaving the A303 and merging onto the A360 will be good.

Then one should take the second exit at the first roundabout onto the B3086. Turn right onto The Packway at the intersection. Take the third exit onto the A345 at the roundabout with the A345. At Countess Roundabout, re-join the A303.

For Westbound at the Countess Roundabout, prefer the A303 exit. Then pick the first exit onto The Packway at the roundabout. Turn left onto the B3086 at the intersection with the B3086. Go to the second exit onto the A360 at the first roundabout. At the Longbarrow Roundabout, re-join the A303.


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