Home Gaming Warzone Pacific Season 2 Start Date, Map Changes, Leaks and More

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Start Date, Map Changes, Leaks and More

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Start Date, Map Changes, Leaks and More

Veterans of CoD: Vanguard, as well as Warzone Pacific, are already thinking forward to Season 2, which starts in a matter of weeks. What follows is an overview of when that will transpire, what new material it will bring, and other pertinent information.

On December 8, Warzone Pacific was officially launched, bringing all battle royale participants to Caldera, a fresh island in the Pacific Ocean. While the terrain has received a mixed reception so far – with complaints focusing on its pace and flow in specific – it looks that it will be around for a while. The Verdansk map stayed until December 2021.

Caldera, on the other hand, is set to undergo some modifications shortly, most notably with the arrival of new seasons. A new season brings with it a slew of new weaponry and vehicle types as well as balance tweaks, skins, and other visual modifications.

let’s dive into it in more detail.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 end date

The Warzone Pacific Season 1 mid-season update has finally been released, and the season will conclude on February 1, 2022. However, the Battle Pass for Season 1  may be prolonged to correspond with the beginning of Season 2 due to the delayed launch date.

The Battle Pass for Vanguard Season 1 will expire at some point, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know the precise date. In the meanwhile, make sure you’ve unlocked all you can.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 release date & time

Warzone Pacific Season 2 has already been postponed from February 1, 2022, to February 14, 2022, according to a tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter account.

All the major Warzone update is normally released around 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 AM GMT, although Raven Software will verify it closer to the day.

What’s new in season 2?

Warzone Pacific Season 2 will include the following:

  • New weapons
  • New Operators
  • Minor map changes
  • New game modes
  • Challenges & rewards as well as Themed-event
  • Major weapon balance patches & bug fixes

It’s hoped that Season 2 would enhance gameplay for both titles and fix most of the bugs that players are now experiencing in both titles. Warzone on Caldera or Rebirth Island hasn’t been too buggy for PC users but it’s reported that it is much worse on consoles.

A new shotgun, dubbed KG M/40 LMG, as well as the Chauchat, have all been said to be in development. In addition, a lady operator and a fresh Alps map have been added, both of which are likely to be used in Ground War.

It has also been guaranteed by the Call of Duty designers that they would improve their communication in the future. Communication makes waiting for a remedy a lot easier.

The Call of Duty team states-

“Studios remain focused on continuously improving your game experience, and we greatly value our community feedback. More frequent and detailed communication updates will be posted here and across Call of Duty social channels.”

Silence may be appropriate in certain situations, but not when it comes to game updates and patches.

Stay tuned with 92130magazine as Raven Software, and Activision soon disclose what they have planned for Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 and more.


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