Home Entertainment Adele Opens Up on Cancelling Her Las Vegas Show

Adele Opens Up on Cancelling Her Las Vegas Show

Adele Opens Up on Cancelling Her Las Vegas Show

Adele fans are dubious about the singer’s explanation that the cancellation of her Las Vegas performance with much less than 24 hours’ notice on Thursday was due to COVID diagnoses among her team and supply delays.

The singer apologized passionately through tears in a tearful video that she posted to social media on Thursday, saying-

‘My show ain’t ready.’ She said the production had been ‘destroyed’ by delivery delays and that ‘half her crew’ are out with COVID.

As a result, she has had to cancel every show she booked between January and April. If you bought tickets, you have until the middle of February to get a complete refund or hang on to them for reimbursement at future rescheduled events.

Visitors who had to fork out hundreds of dollars for flights and hotel accommodations are still unable to come out ahead. Getting into the performance required them to pony up for a COVID examination at a lab within 48 hours after signing up.

An online statement from Caesars Palace claiming to be refunding all of their guests’ hotel rooms has been widely reported.

Indeed, some fans aren’t getting full refunds since they’re canceling within 24hrs of the first night, according to the Daily Mail. An LA-based fashion designer paid roughly $4,000 for tickets plus $1,500 for a three-night stay at Caesars Palace.

According to Adele, the hotel has accepted to reimburse her for the 2nd and 3rd nights, but not the 1st.

‘This is just insanity. I’d understand if it was a different hotel but it’s the hotel where the event that was canceled is happening,’ Adele said.

Sinko is among Adele’s biggest fans and it was her dream to see Adele in concert, and she was heartbroken when the show was canceled at the eleventh hour. She doesn’t believe the claim that the concert was canceled due to ‘staff’ illness or late delivery, and there must be more to the story.

‘If Adele knew she was canceling, why did she wait until the last second? It still would have been horrible but even two or three days earlier would have made a difference. I was packed and checked in for my flight, and I’m by no means the worst case.’

For the first event, Sinko spent $877 for each ticket. She added she wouldn’t have minded paying a little more to attend the event, which she termed as “very amazing.” Since the tickets were so hard to come by, she has been forced to accept the loss of her dollars on her trip and refuse a refund.

Adele’s behavior has enraged the audience, some are saying that she is no stranger to scraping off shows without prior notice and some speculate she might have a sore throat.

People who had previously flown to Las Vegas to see her perform were especially eager to see her again. After canceling at the eleventh hour, Adele was met with an outpouring of criticism.

As soon as tickets were on sale for Adele’s next tour dates, they were all sold out in less than an hour.


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