Home Politics Putin’s has Strip Club in his $1 Billion Palace, Claims Alexei Navalny

Putin’s has Strip Club in his $1 Billion Palace, Claims Alexei Navalny

Putin’s has Strip Club in his $1 Billion Palace, Claims Alexei Navalny

Could this be Putin’s pervy pleasure palace?

The so-called opposers of the Russian President Vladimir Putin have revealed a fresh cache of images showing what they believe is his billion-dollar estate, complete with a filthy strip club.

The pictures, which surfaced on the internet on Thursday, show the coastal property that Putin rushed to refute was his last year, packed with extravagances like a theatre and casino.

However, the most shocking part is a picture of a “hookah” lounge, which is a dimly lighted stage with a stripper pole in the middle.

Alexei Navalny, a poisoned Kremlin critic who returned to his motherland after almost dying in an assassination attempt, founded the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), which published the photographs.

In their view, a leak of the building’s pictures from last year revealed it to seem more like a strip joint than anything else. To them, the photographic proof was akin to discovering the existence of Bigfoot.

“The strip club, the hookah lounge, say whatever you want – it exists. And it looks a lot worse than we could have imagined,” an FBK member said in a video detailing the new information.

The computer-generated stills for a pole-dancing boudoir indicate how the Navalny team envisioned the project a year ago, including a casino as well as an “aqua disco.” The palace’s striptease chamber is shown in an image taken when the building was still under development.

The commentary says-“The stage is littered with pillows.”

A pulsing light flashes over and behind the stripper’s performance area.
According to the report, the photos also depict the Russian president’s bedroom, a spare bedroom, his study, and a swimming pool.

The double-headed eagle emblem of Russia may be seen throughout the palace, giving it the appearance of being a government building.

A year ago, tycoon Arkady Rotenberg claimed the palace pertained to Putin and stated he owned the huge clifftop estate facing the Black Sea following controversy about the mansion stoked by Putin opponent Navalny.

Billionaire Rotenberg is Putin’s old judo training partner & arguably his closest childhood friend.

Billionaire Rotenberg commented, “This is a stunning place. We would like to build an apart-hotel there, this is why it has so many rooms.”

With no other details provided, he informed the media that the property had been made available for him to “become a beneficiary.”

The “16-story subterranean complex” in the high-security estate is likened to the stronghold of a James Bond antagonist.

Also, it was described as “a whole anthill in the rock under the house”.

A whistleblower who served on the building of the palace, known only as Viktor, described it as a “national treasure” because of the elaborate subterranean corridors concealed in the rock. Putin may not have ever lived here, but it looked like a building site a year ago. The Kremlin denies that it is Putin’s private residence.

Russian anti-corruption activist and opposition leader Alexei Navalny are in prison, yet he is considered a political dissident in the West.


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