Home Entertainment Kim Nam Gil Opens Up About His Role in the Upcoming CBS Drama ‘Through the Darkness’

Kim Nam Gil Opens Up About His Role in the Upcoming CBS Drama ‘Through the Darkness’

Kim Nam Gil Opens Up About His Role in the Upcoming CBS Drama ‘Through the Darkness’

‘Through the Darkness,’ a new SBS drama, has provided a glimpse inside Kim Nam Gil’s early years.

“Through the Darkness,” tells the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler in the late 1990s. Actors Kim Nam Gil will portray Song Ha Young, an employee of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis squad who was recruited by Guk Young Soo. Kim So Jin will portray Yoon Tae Goo, the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Mobile Investigation Unit, whose keen instincts have earned her a police legend.

Shocking images of Song Ha Young’s childhood were released by the show’s production crew on January 14. To peak viewers’ curiosity in the first episode, this sequence is supposed to explain why Song Song Ha Young would be the first Korean profiler in the future.

Song Ha Young gets caught in the heart of a tumultuous incident in the most recent set photos. A doctor is carrying somebody on a stretcher as the security guards stare worriedly at what occurred. At this very moment, Song Ha Young is clutching his mommy’s hand in his own. Despite this, he keeps his gaze fixated on the stretcher-bound patient. Song Ha Young’s emotions are difficult to decipher, unlike other children’s. It’s difficult to tell if he’s traumatized or just upset.

According to the production team-

“The first episode that airs today will open with the childhood of main character Song Ha Young. It will be a rather shocking beginning that will clearly show why he later becomes a profiler. Please show a lot of interest in the premiere of ‘Through the Darkness’ and look forward to it as it will present a strong attraction.”

Talking about his role, Kim Nam Gil said, “I believed that it was a role that I’ve never portrayed before. It was a challenge.” Having the opportunity to depict the role as Korea’s first profiler also appealed to me. One of the reasons I decided to accept this part as opposed to others was that this persona is genuinely a real person.

After that, he said, “What’s particularly appealing about this play is the fact that it’s based on non-fiction material. I like how the drama underlined the need for self-reliance and the fact that the world is intended to bring people together to work and socialize.

Kim Nam Gil gave an in-depth character analysis of his role. In Song Ha Young’s view, justice and accountability are of the utmost importance. In every setting, he can relate to others. However, he appears to be an aloof and uninterested individual. He’s empathetic and meticulous in his work. When he begins a task, he doesn’t stop until he succeeds.”

The show is scheduled to premiere on January 14 at 10 p.m. KST.


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