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Will Starbucks Remain Open on Christmas Day 2021?

Will Starbucks Remain Open on Christmas Day 2021?

Will you be able to enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink on Christmas Eve? Get to know!

Holidays indeed are the opportunities to journey within. It enables one to chill, relax and give yourself that rest, you have been requiring for a long. Usually, holidays are considered the best by everyone and nobody dislikes them.

But one of the worst parts about it is “Holiday is for everyone”. Your favorite stores, eateries, and places too remain closed on holidays. A similar feeling is being experienced around as Christmas is closer.

Among all the eateries, Starbucks is the most loved and preferred one around the globe. Every person no matter wherever he/she resides has a favorable Starbucks drink. This dose of caffeine can make their day a lot better and merrier. Therefore, there is a conjecture around whether folks will be able to enjoy their favorite Starbucks drink at their favorite festival or not? Let us know.

Will Starbucks remain open on Christmas 2021?

There is good news for all the caffeine-addicted folks. Starbucks will remain open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, it has been reported that not all Starbucks stores will remain open on Christmas day. Further, no two stores will remain open at the same time.

This means that the working hours for all the opened Starbucks stores will be different. For instance, it was reported that a store in Florida will remain open from 5:30 AM to 6 PM on Christmas Eve. But the same store will remain open from 7 AM to 5 PM on Christmas Day.

Similarly, timings for A Starbucks Store in New York show its timings for Christmas Eve as 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use the Starbucks Store Locator app for confirming the timings. One can also make a phone call to the nearest store or the store you are wishing to visit. This is recommended so that you don’t end up wasting your time and resource.

Other Stores that will remain open on Christmas

We are well-versed that Starbucks is not the only option where one can spend their Christmas. Various other stores are also there, where you can hang out and celebrate. If you need anything other than coffee, there are lots of other places open on Christmas Day, as well as food stores such as CVS, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven, where you can pick up that one item you completely forgot to get before the big meal.

Further stores like Arby’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Sonic Drive-In will also be working on holidays. However, the hours of operation for these sites may vary depending on the business, and not all of them will be open during the holidays. Before going out, it’s wise to check their websites or phone your local outlet.

On an ending note, make sure to double-check on whatever store you visit and Merry Christmas y’all. 


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