Home News 1 Shot and Murdered at Bowling Alley in North Fresno

1 Shot and Murdered at Bowling Alley in North Fresno

1 Shot and Murdered at Bowling Alley in North Fresno

A shocking incident occurred in California’s Fresno on Friday that resulted in one casualty too. According to authorities, a man was slain late Friday night during a shooting at a north Fresno bowling alley.

It happened at the Bowlero, on the corner of Blackstone and Sierra avenues, shortly after 10:30 p.m. An argument broke out between two males, according to two witnesses who were inside the bowling alley. Subsequently, both grew furious that resulted in the killing.

Incidents of murder have been occurring a quite few times in California city. The reason behind such a furious firing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but most probably it involves a personal grudge.

Talking about how the whole incident took place at night. The witnesses saw the whole incident with their own eyes and as per their statements, several things came into the picture. After the heated dispute between the two, one of the men exited the bowling alley.

The man then returned inside, only to exit again and return inside. According to witnesses who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the man approached the other man near the front entryway. He went on to pull out a revolver during his final stroll back into the busy Bowlero.

Lastly, the man fired two bullets straight onto the other’s chest. This created a little chaos all over the place. Witnesses stated the bowling alley immediately emptied after the bullets were fired, as people yelled and raced to the escape doors. It’s very rare for an incident that bullets are fired in an open and public area.

The man was shot twice in the upper torso, according to Fresno Police. Witnesses said they administered CPR on the wounded man. None of the witnesses knew the shooter or the victim personally, they revealed.

They gave CPR in the hope to keep him breathing. But after a few minutes, only an emergency medical crew came. The man, who was in his late 30s to early 40s, died while being transferred to St. Agnes Medical Center, according to Fresno Police. The identity of the victim was not immediately revealed.

Talking about the shooter, people revealed that he fled as soon as he fired two shots. When asked about his identity or any physical characteristics, witnesses weren’t able to reveal much. The bowling alley immediately emptied after the rounds were fired, according to witnesses, as people yelled and dashed to the exit doors.

Several people were seen sprinting around the parking lot, according to police. Hundreds of police cars flocked to the location amid reports of an active shooter inside the bowling alley. Further, multiple vehicles took off from the bowling facility.

According to authorities, as a result of rushing out of the bowling alley, a single-car accident occurred on Sierra, just east of Blackstone. In the vicinity, Blackstone and Sierra’s avenues were closed. A helicopter circled the area as well.


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