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Top 10 Unbiased News Sources with Credible Stories

Top 10 Unbiased News Sources with Credible Stories

Today we are in a time where even seeing or reading the news from media outlets makes us doubt whether that news is correct. And even if the facts being provided are true, are the fact tellers being biased about the way they present the news?

Despite there being so many fakes out there telling fake and biased news for clout, there remain some sources that can be trusted with correct facts and hopefully some unbiased news.

Top 10 Most Unbiased News Sources

Here, we share with you 10 such trustworthy news sources:

  1. Reuters


Reuters continues to be the news source with the most trustable facts. So much that many leading news sources out there cite Reuters more than often. Reuters follows a “value-neutral approach” which is used to weed out bias from its news stories.

  1. BBC

BBC or the British Broadcasting Corporation is one of the largest broadcasters in the world with a long history of 90 years in the business. Even with its long history, BBC has continued to be the news source with a large number of visitors every day. Their ‘Reality Check’ section debunks fake news on the internet.

  1. Associated Press

AP is one of the fastest news tellers and can be seen on every list of unbiased news sources. A lot of news sites cite AP. AP mainly uses statements from authorities and figures in its news with credible evidence.

  1. NPR

NPR invites a lot of controversy about leaning left when it comes to political bias but it still makes it to the list of least biased news outlets. They go as far as correcting their stories when they receive complaints or criticism from readers.

  1. ProPublica

ProPublica is an up-and-coming online news organization that is non-profit and government-funded. It shows promise with its news stories and way of delivering them. It is also the first online news organization to bag a Pulitzer which adds more to its credibility.

  1. PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour continues to dominate the list when it comes to controversy-free and accurate news stories. On the discussion about whether it leans left or right in politics, the news coverage by PBS covers both sides of the problem.

  1. The Wall Street Journal

WSJ invites controversy as it was taken over by the News Corporation which links it with the Murdoch family and Rupert Murdoch who is a well-known conservative and uses his media power to influence politics. But despite that, the Journal is still trusted by many in the United States with credible news.

  1. The Guardian

Although The Guardian openly accepts its leaning towards the left side, it still receives millions of visitors every month. Their news stories are based on facts with proper evidence to back those facts. They also have a good reputation when it comes to their professionalism in journalism.

  1. The New York Times

The New York Times is also a left-leaning news source but it continues to remain one of the most influential news outlets in the world. It has won a total of 125 Pulitzer awards so far which is way more than any other news outlet. The NYT is well known for maintaining its standards of journalism principles and ethics.

  1. CBS News

While politicians often criticize CBS on leaning left, the rest of the audience is centrist. This makes CBS News more politically balanced than any other news outlet. The news outlets and their journalists use balanced language while dealing with controversial topics and also mention facts and figures from all sides of the argument.

What Makes a News Source Trustworthy?

The above list separates a news outlet as leftist, rightist, or centrist based on ratings by allsides.com which is a trusted website that properly rates a news outlet based on all facts and figures as well as public opinion.

This list also sorts out these news outlets based on public opinion, the number of visitors of the news outlet, and the credibility of the news they provide. Since there is no particular method to determine a trustworthy website, some might agree with this list and others might not.


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