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WhatsApp Permits to Play Voice Messages in Background

WhatsApp Permits to Play Voice Messages in Background

Facebook-owned whatsapp is heading towards creating a feature-oriented application. Whatsapp is arranging a modern highlight that will permit you to tune in to voice messages indeed on the off chance that you’re moving to other windows.

It simply means that you can listen to whatsapp voice notes even between switching tabs. This also means that users will at that point be able to listen to the voice note while checking or answering chats.

Android gadgets are being tested by the Meta-owned moment informing company. But somehow it is as of now rolling out to chosen iOS beta clients. Initially what happened was that the note naturally stops playing in the event whenever you take off that particular chat tab.

But with the addition of this new feature, you will get more control over the voice notes. You’ll presently tune in to it within the foundation as well.

A loophole can also be seen herein as we are not yet aware that whether it’ll permit you to play voice notes and exit the app totally, or whether the voice notes will play as it were as long as you still have WhatsApp open. There is still no clarity on this aspect.

Talking about the date of the launch, it has not been confirmed yet as to when will the feature be available to all users. Because Whatsapp Beta users still haven’t had the update. Therefore, a considerate time will be taken to introduce a stable update.

The inclusion will be the most recent expansion to WhatsApp’s well-known voice notes, which moreover got the capacity to alter playback speed several months prior.

It simply permits WhatsApp clients to tune in to messages at 1.5x or 2x speeds, which is handy if you’re brief on time or ought to skip to a specific portion of the voice note. This is a convenient method if you have less time with you and also if you wish to skip a portion of the same.

More Features of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an American freeware, messaging app that is owned by Meta Platforms. It has varied attractive features that one can have hand on. Since its launch only, whatsapp has never failed to surprise us. In 2015, the voice calling option was introduced by Whatsapp. This was a turning point in its popularity as several people started using the app.

Further from 2016, video calls also became a distinctive whatsapp feature. Later in 2017 WhatsApp introduced a feature that lets the user delete a certain message he/she sent within 7 minutes of sending. It simply means that if you deleted it within the 7-minute time frame, the other person cannot view the message.

Lastly, before this feature in 2020 whatsApp gave a little surprise to the users by introducing WhatsApp Payments. It was proved as bliss for many. This multitasking application almost eliminated the use of various apps for calling, payments, video calling, etc. Whatsapp became our go-to app for all the purposes.


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