Home Technology Meta Hires Staff from Apple and Microsoft To Support Metaverse Project

Meta Hires Staff from Apple and Microsoft To Support Metaverse Project

Meta Hires Staff from Apple and Microsoft To Support Metaverse Project

Microsoft and Apple are some of the most popular tech giants in the world. The technology arena is very well dominated by these companies. But who would have thought that these giants will be ditched to join somewhere else? According to reports, as Meta Platforms sets its eyes on constructing the Metaverse, employees from Microsoft and Apple are hopping ship.

According to former Microsoft employees, roughly 100 people have left the tech giant’s augmented reality division to join Meta Platforms in the last year. According to them, it has been claimed that Meta has been focusing on hiring employees who worked on Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality (AR) devices.

This has come as a surprise to many as these tech giants have been influencing the technology market for a long time now.

As per the recent Linkedin, more than 70 people from Microsoft’s HoloLens team have departed the project in the last year. Additionally, with more than 40 of them getting new jobs at Meta. Isn’t it incredible?

Microsoft’s advantage as a pioneer mover in the AR space makes its employees valuable assets for Meta. Microsoft first announced its HoloLens project in 2016. Along with it, the technology has since evolved into one of the world’s most advanced headsets.

Apple is attempting to prevent a staff migration to Meta by offering profitable inventory options and bonuses ranging from $50,000 to $180,000.

Facebook’s bid to become a “meta” social media platform

Until a big rebranding process in October 2021, Meta Platforms was known to be Facebook. This sheerly indicates the company’s rising ambitions outside social media. After passing of few months, its virtual reality hardware division “Reality Labs” has been hard at work. This led to the successful development of a prototype of their virtual reality “haptic gloves” in mid-November 2021.

Given his history with knowledge mining, privacy, and content material insurance policies, certain crypto luminaries, such as Jenny Ta of Hodl Asset, have warned that Mark Zuckerberg should not be the one to drive Facebook into the Metaverse.

In an interview that occurred in November Jenny said “To guarantee that he has a clean slate for Meta, he should stand aside and have a new CEO manage it.”

Microsoft and Apple have both had their eyes on the Metaverse for some time. Microsoft released a raft of Groups updates and enhancements to their Xbox gaming system in early November 2021, along with a fresh new product called “Dynamics 365 Related Areas.”

About Meta and Metaverse

Meta is one of the famous and gigantic companies in the world. Originating from the United States of America it stands alongside companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. It is also as we all know is the parent company to Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp.

In October 2021, the parent company that handles Facebook thought of a change. It changed the name of Facebook’s parent company to “reflect its focus on building the Metaverse.

Now you might be wondering what is Metaverse? Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that is focused on social connection. It is implemented in video games, virtual reality, etc.


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