Home Technology Apple iPhone SE 3 Launch Date, Price, Features And Leaks

Apple iPhone SE 3 Launch Date, Price, Features And Leaks

Apple iPhone SE 3 Launch Date, Price, Features And Leaks

Things are starting to look positive for Apple’s impending iPhone SE 3 after new information about its release date was released. Shoppers have been accustomed to paying a premium for the latest iPhone model. The entry-level iPhone 13 mini costs a whopping $699, while the most costly iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1599. So, no doubt you’ll have to fork out a hefty sum for an iPhone if you want one shining between your palms.

That’s why the SE series of iPhones is so enticing. When the original iPhone SE went on sale in March of that year, it received a lot of praise. At $399 MSRP, it offered a strong value proposition in addition to the classic iPhone 5 design.

Several years later, in April 2020, Apple released the iPhone SE 2. Improved features, as well as an iPhone 7-inspired layout, were included in the second-generation device. It retains the premise of providing a true iPhone experience without paying an arm or a leg, and it does it at the same $399 price tag.

iPhone SE 3 Release Date

Apple is now likely to release the iPhone SE 3 shortly after the release of those two models. The third-generation iPhone SE has been rumored for some time now, and a fresh analysis from TrendForce has solidified the device’s release date. In terms of Apple’s product development, the company plans to introduce its 3rd-gen iPhone SE in 1Q22 as well as four variants under a new series called 2H22,” according to the report.

The iPhone SE 3 should be ready by the end of March at the latest, because Q1 runs from January 1 to March 31. A similar report from July cited “industry insiders” as saying the iPhone SE 3 will be available in early 2022.

iPhone SE 3 India price

The iPhone SE 3’s price has been kept under wraps just like its release date. However, based on what we know about the product, the price is projected to grow significantly. Set at Rs 42,500 for the 64GB model, the iPhone SE 2020 is a great value for the money. As a result, the iPhone SE 3’s starting price in India is likely to be about Rs 45,000.

iPhone SE 3 Specs

iPhone SE 2020 is expected to have a larger screen than the 4.7-inch screen on the current iPhone SE 2020, according to leaked information. It has previously been speculated that the iPhone SE 3 will be equipped with either a 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch screen. However, a new leak suggests a 4.7-inch display identical to that of the SE 2020, which is a bit smaller. A sub-6GHz band of 5G will also be supported by the smartphone.

iPhone series 13’s A15 Bionic processor is expected to power the SE 3 2022. With its 12MP rear-facing camera and 7MP front-facing camera, the iPhone SE 3 may have a total of 16MP in its camera system.

The battery as well as the lightning port, for example, are likely to stay unchanged. However, the inclusion of a 5G connection will also be a huge development.

Since its inception, the iPhone SE has indeed been primarily targeted towards those in developing countries like India who wish to possess an iPhone but cannot afford one.


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