Home Technology Google and Android Joined Forces to Criticize Apple’s iMessage Policy

Google and Android Joined Forces to Criticize Apple’s iMessage Policy

Google and Android Joined Forces to Criticize Apple’s iMessage Policy

Seems like a tussle has happened between three tech giants recently. This is because tech experts Google and Android joined forces to criticize Apple’s iMessage Policy. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s vice president of Android, Chrome, Chrome OS Play, and Photos, bombarded some harsh words for Apple’s iMessage policy. The core reason behind the same is Hiroshi Lockheimer thinks that Apple’s iMessage is a documented strategy sheerly for bullying.

Hiroshi expressed his anger and problem on Twitter through a tweet. Lockheimer wrote “Apple’s iMessage lock-in is a documented strategy. Using peer pressure and bullying as a way to sell products is disingenuous for a company that has humanity and equity as a core part of its marketing. The standards exist today to fix this.”

He tweeted through an article in The Wall Street Journal. The article was titled “How Apple’s imessage sealed its dominance with an army of texting”. He compared Apple’s actions to bullying, claiming that Apple’s rejection of RCS conflicts with their marketing principles of humanism and equity.

What is RCS?

You might be pondering upon what is RCS? How is it connected? So here is the thing RCS is a Rich Communication Service and simply a protocol of messaging. It further is an Android messaging standard that aims to replace SMS. It exposed Android users to several of Apple’s iMessage’s core features, such as read receipts and typing bubbles.

It’s essential because RCS has been in the works for a long time, and it aims to introduce some WhatsApp-like features to SMS, such as typing indicators, chat bubbles, reading receipts, and the ability to exchange high-quality photos.

The messaging service will be a lot faster in general. If Apple decides to open up to the new RCS standard, these functions will no longer be exclusive to iMessage. The scolding from Google’s top executives implies that the search giant has had enough of Apple’s iMessage policy.

But Lockheimer was not alone bashing apple. Android too came forward for its support and expressed its agreement to Hiroshi’s tweet. The retweet that Android made read “iMessage should not benefit from bullying. Texting should bring us together, and the solution exists. Let’s fix this as one industry.”

Android at the end of the tweet added a few colorful hearts as the message of love. Netizens are doubting maybe Android doesn’t want to be in Apple’s bad books and hence wishes to sort the issue peacefully.

This isn’t the first time Lockheimer, a Google executive, has tweeted about iMessage adopting RCS. “Group chats do not have to break like this. There is a Very Simple Solution. In October of last year, Lockheimer tweeted, “Here’s an open invitation to the folks who can make this right: we are here to help.”

Therefore, we know that there be a cold war that has been going between Google and Apple for a considerable time. Hence, these tech giants need to resolve the same as it can pose future harm. Because a lot of youth are now switching to Apple, this tussle can emerge as a threat to users.


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