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Golden Globes 2022 to Take Place Without Audience, Celebs and TV Broadcast

The very renowned award presenting ceremony, Golden Globes Award, 2022 will be taking place without an audience and TV Broadcast. Apart from that, there will be no celebrities and Media present, hence this year’s Golden Globes could be lesser engaging. The reason behind the same is over ethical blunders on the part of its organizers.

So there arises a question on how the prestigious Golden Globe awards are going to take place? It has been noted that the Globes will present awards in cinema and television on Sunday from its normal Beverly Hills hotel setting, in a show that will spotlight “said the HFPA’s long-established charitable efforts,” according to the organization.

The reason behind the same is over ethical blunders on the part of its organizers. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes on the Globes, has been accused of racism, misogyny, bullying, and corruption, prompting NBC to cancel its annual awards show last year. There will be no members of the press or audience who are not members of the HFPA.

Apart from the accusations awards have the core reason behind this mishappening is the COVID-19 virus. The sudden decision was taken because the awards were planned to be held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, which is a dangerous site.

COVID-19 instances in the United States continue to climb with each passing day. As a result, the Golden Globe Awards needed to be held straightforwardly.

About the Awards and its procedure in 2022

Beginning in January 1944, the 87 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association conferred the Golden Globe Awards, which identify brilliance in both International and American film and television.

The celebrations at which the awards are awarded take place in January and are a prominent component of the film industry’s awards season, which build-up to the Academy Awards each year.

Talking about how the ceremony will be conducted it is still unclear whether or how those at home will be able to watch the ceremony if they want to. A live stream is one option, but there could be legal issues if the awards ceremony is broadcasted without the assistance of NBC, which is the owner of the broadcasting rights to the Golden Globe Awards.

Why did NBC back out from the Awards?

As a result of the HFPA’s activities and demographic makeup, NBC has already withdrawn from this year’s Golden Globes. Since then, 21 new members have joined the organization to further diversify it, and new bylaws have been adopted.

Many Hollywood stakeholders boycotted the HFPA as a result of the incident, and NBC, the Globes’ longtime television partner, declined to carry a ceremony in 2022.

This is the solemn reason why the National Broadcasting Company, which was responsible for broadcasting the Globes for ages have backed out this year. Therefore, concerns over how it is going to happen are genuine. Let us see what comes our way from the Golden Globes 2022.



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