Home Politics Trump Says Ukraine Invasion Can Trigger World War

Trump Says Ukraine Invasion Can Trigger World War

Trump Says Ukraine Invasion Can Trigger World War

Donald Trump stated to Fox News that the current US Presidential administration must do “a lot more than simply restrictions” to halt Vladimir Putin’s multi-front assault of Ukraine, and he cautioned that the conflict might escalate to a “global war”.

On the fringes of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), previous President George H.W. Bush told Fox News Digital that Russia’s conflict in Ukraine “never should have occurred. ”

“It’s a dreadful situation. It’s a shame because it’s something that would never have occurred under any other circumstances” Trump commented. There is, however, a lot of courage being displayed, and I believe they’re doing a better job than anybody expected.

Trump Says To Do Better Than Sanctions

He answered, “I have no message,” when asked whether he had anything to say to Putin. “It’s a pity that this is still happening. The fact that this is happening is unacceptable “Trump made the statement.

In the words of Trump, “thousands of people” means that this might have far-reaching consequences well beyond the immediate area in question. In other words, “this might result in a lot of other nations and perhaps lead to a global war.”It’s impossible to predict how a global war will begin, according to Trump.

He said, “You never imagine a war would come out of it.” In a flash, you find yourself in the middle of a global conflict. “We are living at a very hazardous time for our country,” he said.

US, Canada, and several European allies imposed further crippling restrictions on the Kremlin before the statement, removing “chosen” Russian companies from the SWIFT banking system.

Fox News Digital quotes Trump as saying: “They’re going to have to do more than sanctions, I believe.” Donald Trump tells Fox News Digital that restrictions “are not, you know, Putin—he knows how to dodge sanctions, and he goes via other nations.” To set an example, he goes to China.”

That’s not Trump’s only criticism of the restrictions: “They have to be tough and they have to be speedy.” That’s because “SWIFT” is a “really potent sanction.”

Trump Says Putin Is A “Genius”

While Trump didn’t directly address his previous admiration for Putin, he did suggest that Putin was clever since he was outwitting international leaders and organizations. What we really have to worry about is the fact that our politicians are so stupid. ‘Such an idiot,’ he moaned.

Biden made fun of Trump’s claim that Putin is a “genius” in an interview aired later on Saturday.
According to Biden, “I placed as much trust in Trump claiming that Putin is a genius” as he did in Trump calling himself a “stable genius”.

Many right-wingers have reiterated the claim that Putin invaded Ukraine because he thought Biden was “soft” during the CPAC convention in Orlando, which ends today. Despite this, Republican leaders have often refrained from praising Putin and instead focused on contentious internal topics like mask mandates.


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