Home Gaming How Does Sony Plan To Use Madame Web in its Spider-Verse?

How Does Sony Plan To Use Madame Web in its Spider-Verse?

How Does Sony Plan To Use Madame Web in its Spider-Verse?

Jeez, what is Sony up to now.

If you’re here I’m pretty sure you heard the news of Dakota Johnson being cast as Madame Web. Or are you one of those who are wondering what the heck is a Madame Web? Well, you are in the right place so read on.

We are already familiar with Sony’s efforts in trying to establish their version of a Spider-verse. They tried once with the Amazing Spider-Man films and failed miserably with TASM 2. The second time they tried with Venom and haphazardly set up a universe with no signs of our friendly neighborhood in it so far.

Now, Sony is planning on expanding that universe further and we are already familiar with some of those projects under development including Kraven the hunter, Morbius, Black Cat, and our topic of discussion Madame Web.

Who is Madame Web?

Madam Web or Cassandra Webb appears often in Spider-Man comics with her first appearance dating way back in 1980. She is one of the mutants who possess psychic powers that include telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and also gifted intellect.

Madame Web appears as an ally to Spider-Man and often guides him on his way. Although she sounds a bit sinister and mysterious most of the time, she is not exactly a villain character or an anti-hero character.

She appears as an old frail blind lady who is always tied to life support because of a disease she has called myasthenia gravis, which makes it hard for her to move or breathe.

Now you might be wondering why would Sony hire Dakota Johnson to play an old blind lady instead of an actual old woman. Well here is where we go back to the comics.

There Are Different Versions of Madame Web

Sony’s version of Madame Web might not be what we have been seeing in animated series. If we go back to comics, we will see that there is more than one version of Madame Web.

In recent years in the comics, Cassandra was killed and she transferred her powers to a young Julia Carpenter. Julia appeared for the first time in 1984 in Secret Wars #6 and she was also the second Spider-Woman.

So Dakota Johnson has higher chances of playing Julia Carpenter’s version of Madame Web instead of Cassandra. Although it is still confusing how Sony will plot the story as the first Spider-Woman hasn’t made her appearance in their quickly established Spider-verse yet and neither has Spider-Man.

But Madame Web’s existence could help introduce the concept of ‘the Great Web’ which works as a model of the concept of Marvel’s Multiverse. And after the introduction of all three Spider-Men, this might be a good plan if everything goes well. So don’t mess this up Sony!


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