Home Technology The New BMW Car Can Change Color With The Press Of A Button

The New BMW Car Can Change Color With The Press Of A Button

The New BMW Car Can Change Color With The Press Of A Button

One of the most recent examples of manufacturers adopting technology to differentiate their automobiles is the BMW iX Flow, which was presented at the CES 2022.  What’s the matter? BMW’s all-electric vehicle has a unique appearance that changes color depending on the driver’s attitude.

This implies that you may switch your BMW iX Flow from a dark to a light color scheme at the push of a button. There’s more to the term iX Flow than just solid colors on the car’s exterior: it can also make flowing patterns. Since its unveiling on Wednesday, the ability to instantly change the color of a vehicle’s exterior has attracted the attention of every car enthusiast.

So how does the BMW iX Flow change its colors?

BMW claims that their E Ink technology enables the vehicle’s swiftly changing colors. When the car’s color has to be changed, an electrical signal activates a specially constructed “body wrap.” Body wrap electrophoretic technology generates different color pigments based on the signals that are received.

This isn’t a brand-new vehicle or piece of technology. Several additional uses of electrophoretic technology have been observed, including cellphones and other electronics, with the Amazon Kindle serving as a primary example. It is also not a new automobile because BMW debuted the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) just a few weeks ago in a few of its foreign markets.

BMW is once again in the spotlight because of the innovative ways in which its technology is being put to use. The body wrap of the BMW iX Flow is seen in a floral pattern across the car in some of the footage that has leaked from the event.

When the automobile is painted pure white, the design stands out even more. When the iX Flow’s color changes to Black, the pattern disappears.

Often, the wheel caps show a circular wave of color around the whole wheel in demo films. We’ve never seen an automobile customization concept like the iX Flow in a long, long time.

BMW E Ink – Good or Bad?

However, it remains to be seen if it achieves commercial success. Law enforcement authorities are likely to have a negative reaction to the usage of E Ink because of the clear use instances which go against the ideal image of how a car should be.

Body paints have been used as a disguise in various thriller films. The most realistic ones, on the other hand, have depended on our favorite action hero putting the automobile through a car wash to remove an additional coat of color. This will be achievable at the push of a button in the BMW iX Flow.

BMW, on the other hand, asserts that the revolutionary E Ink technology it has developed is intended to allow customers to customize their vehicles any way they see fit. In addition, this feature provides a slew of practical advantages.

To illustrate, imagine a black automobile parked in the sun all day. To prevent the sensation of being in a furnace, one can alter the color of the room to completely white.

The BMW iX Flow with E Ink is guaranteed to get attention, good or negative. Even if we may have to wait a long time for that.


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