by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Miah Nwosu | Speical Advertisement

Creating Exceptional Artists

Scripps Ballet Theatre Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Artistic Director Miah Nwosu

When she was just eight years old, Miah Nwosu fell in love with ballet by way of gymnastics. “I was taking ballet to improve my gymnastics skills and then I hit a big growth spurt which made it very difficult to get my legs around in flips,” she shared. “I opted to give up gymnastics and dance full time.” Angela Amoroso had arrived from New York City prior to that time, opening the Scripps Performing Arts Academy (SPAA). “I immediately recognized Miah’s tremendous potential and recommended her for a merit scholarship award,” Angela said. “The rest is magical history.” Miah met her most influential teacher while training at the Academy, a former soloist with the Royal Ballet in London. Her influence completely changed Miah’s outlook and approach on everything. Always deeply interested in the mechanics behind movement, Miah studied how the muscles worked and how to make a movement, shape, or position work well for every body. After an injury forced her to realign her professional dance performance dreams, Miah moved back to San Diego from New York and joined the creative team at Scripps Performing Arts Academy. “I loved performing, but I believe I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing and the path that brought me here provides me with a unique point of view in approaching training and whole-person development.” Education of all facets of the student is a central tenet of SPAA.

Upcoming Events
31st Annual performance of The Nutcracker – Dec. 13-15 and 22-23. The 13-15 shows are for young audiences. March 28 and 29 is a 10th Anniversary performance of Ballet in a Box featuring a ballet created by Miah called Ballet Does the Rat Pack.

Miah spent the first two years restructuring the curriculum. Her customized programs help the next generation of talented young people use a ballet foundation to achieve personal excellence. The byproducts of core strength, mental focus, and emotional intelligence foster a balanced education: igniting the right brain for critical thinking and problem-solving. The Academy inspires each student to recognize and cultivate their own gifts and talents, rather than focus on unnecessary and unhealthy competitive environments found in modern society. “When young people practice ballet to cultivate personal alignment,” Angela shared, “their dreams come to them… every time!” Needing another avenue for dancers to develop their artistic voices, Miah formed the Scripps Ballet Theatre, a youth ballet company (turning 10 this year!). SBT is open to serious ballet students – by audition – ages 14-18 throughout San Diego County.

The SPAA and, by extension, SBT has programs and staff that care about the students, not just as dancers or performers, but as whole human beings. “Yes, we strive to create exceptional artists,” Miah affirmed, “but it’s equally important to help them become exceptional people.”


Name of Business: Scripps Performing Arts Academy
Owner/Executive Directors: Angela Amoroso and Drew Skinner
Owner/Artistic Director: Miah Nwosu
Years in Position: Miah – since 2002. Six years as Ballet Mistress and resident choreographer, almost 11 as Artistic Director; Angela – since 1987
Year of Establishment: 1987 in Scripps Ranch, 2007 in Carmel Valley
Address: 9920 Scripps Lake Dr., Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92131
and 3880 Valley Centre Dr., Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: Scripps Ranch: 858-586-7834, Carmel Valley: 858-509-2624
Description of Business: Ballet School and Performing Arts Academy for families and children looking for an alternative to competitive arts training. Adult boutique fitness.