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From great weather to award-winning schools, North County San Diego is our home sweet home. What really makes a community special, though, is neighbors taking care of each other. Our local communities are teeming with medical professionals – from dentists and orthodontists to general physicians and specialists – who live where they work and are dedicated to helping their neighbors stay healthy and happy. With cutting-edge technology, a wealth of experience, and human compassion, they spend each day making a difference. Outside of their offices, they might be cheering next to you on the bleachers, volunteering in the same classroom, or eating at the same restaurant on a Friday night. ZCode’s 2019 Medical and Health Professionals Issue is proud to introduce you to some of these local superstars.


Dr. Kami Hoss of The Super Dentists Transform the Dental Experience for Parents

Company: The Super Dentists
Address: Multiple locations throughout San Diego County
Website: www.TheSuperDentists.com
Email: webcontact@TheSuperDentists.com
Phone: 1-855-GO-SUPER

thesuperdentistlogoFor 20 years, The Super Dentists’ Co-founders Dr. Kami Hoss and Dr. Nazli Keri have been transforming the dental experience for children with original movies, music, costumes, and fun superhero and villain characters. Now parents can have an equally enjoyable dental experience at The Super Dentists with their Parent Dentistry program.

According to the American Dental Association, it is estimated that nearly 75% of adults in the United States experience some amount of fear with regards to visiting a dentist. Of those, roughly 5-10% have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of a dental phobia.
But The Super Dentists have changed everything adults hate about going to the dentist. “We’ve created an extraordinary experience that’s anything but your ordinary adult dentistry,” said Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, MS. “We have VIP (Very Important Parent) lounges and employ advanced technology and adult amenities to provide top-quality dental care along with an out-of- this-world experience for grown-ups.”


VIPs are welcome to relax in the adult lounge area prior to their appointment, where they can enjoy a latte with a personalized message in the foam, surf the web, or enjoy quiet time. The office features luxurious amenities to make the visit as stress-free as possible – aromatherapy, warm towels, massage chairs, and virtual reality masks.

With the highest quality dentists who are experts in their field utilizing the latest, most innovative state-of-the-art dental technologies, adults have nothing to fear at The Super Dentists.

Hate needles? They have computerized anesthesia. Gag on those awful impressions? They have digital scanners. Worried about glowing in the dark when you have x-rays taken? They use low-to-no radiation cavity detection. Can’t stand the taste of rubber gloves? They have flavored gloves in strawberry, bubble gum, and grape.


TVs on the ceiling and “Digital Nitrous” virtual reality goggles are an easy distraction while dental work is being done. Parents are offered complimentary childcare services and can even receive a phone and a GPS watch for their children, so they can be in communication during their appointment.

Parent Dentistry services include dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, braces and orthodontics, Acceledontics™, sedation dentistry, veneers, and TMJ treatment. Parent Dentistry is available at The Super Dentists Carmel Valley, Eastlake, and Kearny Mesa locations, and will also be available at the newest Super Dentists location in Escondido (opening Fall 2019).

For more information go to www.TheSuperDentists.com.