by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by PortrArt Creations

Quadruple Threat

student_vu2When Andrew Vu was only four years old, he began formal classical piano lessons. “However, my interest in music was rooted much earlier in my toddler years as I watched and admired my older brother, Khoa, play the instrument,” he said.

Since that early interest was awakened, Andrew’s accolades have been many: first place in the San Diego Symphony’s Hot Shots Young Artist’s Competition, the 2018 Music Teacher’s Association of CA Chopin Festival, 2016 Sonata Festival, 2015 Concerto Competition, and the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. Andrew even received the 2015 Mayoral Award for Outstanding Asian Pacific Islander, established by Mayor Kevin Faulconer to recognize high school students for their hard work, academic achievements, and community services. “Receiving the award was very surreal to me since I was not expecting it at all!” Andrew smiled.


Name: Andrew Vu (17)
School: Canyon Crest Academy
Grade: 12
Parents: Linhdung and Cuong Vu
Siblings: Khoa (22) and Joseph (5)
Favotrite Local Spot: My home studio

student_vu5student_vu1Along with volunteering as pianist at St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church for several years, Andrew has also enjoyed performing solo and collaborative concerts at school events, senior homes, community events, and libraries throughout California. Reaching out to the next generation of musicians, Andrew teaches private lessons to young children, accompanies the children’s choirs at St. James Catholic Church, and mentors at the Carmel Valley Summer Symphony. “Music has provided me the opportunities to make invaluable lifelong friendships and to serve the community,” he shared. He is also involved in jazz band and varsity track and field at Canyon Crest Academy, where he excels academically.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys nature by hiking through wilderness areas and interacting with its creatures (he’s always wished to rescue, raise, and release stranded otter pups), fishing with his dad, making desserts for his mom, or playing billiard, bowling, or foosball games with his younger brother.


Andrew believes that he is called to serve others daily. “My achievements speak for the unsurpassed love and support I have received from my family, my teachers, and my community,” he said. “I, however, don’t want to be known for my achievements, but rather as a team player in my community.”