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Learning and Attention Challenges

Real and Permanent Solutions

When smart children are struggling in school, it can be difficult to filter out all the confusing advice about what to do and where to go.

“Parents, you are not alone,” said Maria Bagby, Founder and Executive Director of the Therapeutic Learning Center. “It’s not your fault and it’s not your child being lazy. Weak or inefficient processing skills will cause a bright student to struggle. These skills are not taught in school or in traditional tutoring.”

“When smart children are struggling in school, it’s time to identify why and what can be done differently.”

“Permanent changes can be made by finding the root skills and building them,” said Maria. Students that come to TLC are students that are taking too much time to do their homework, have attention difficulties, have difficulty with reading, comprehension, writing, and math.


TLC is making things easier for parents in 2019 by letting everyone know that they are a “one-stop-shop.” They are offering transportation from schools, providing a place for students to get help getting their homework completed and tutoring and also receive their TLC therapies in the underlying learning skills. Then parents can pick up their child and enjoy family time when it’s all done!

Families are busy, have limited resources, and need more time together (without doing homework) – that is what TLC will provide families in 2019 with these new services.

TLC creates happy, confident, motivated, and independent learners!

The Learning Continuum


Celebrating 5 Years in California

Clarifying & Improving

TLC was originally called Therapeutic Literacy Center, but has recently changed its name to Therapeutic Learning Center to better represent the breadth and scope of learning skills TLC focuses on.

TLC makes it easy for families offering transportation from schools, offering after school care where homework will be completed and therapies provided so that when children get home, they have time to be with their family.

Services offered:

• Transportation from schools
• After school care with homework support for only $320 per month
• Tutoring
• Cognitive processing therapies for:

• Attention & Focus (ADHD)
• Memory & Processing Speed
• Reading (including Dyslexia)
• Auditory Processing Disorder
• Processing Skills
• Learning Disabilities
• Language delays and expression
• Executive Function Skills
• Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math

Success Program

The TLC mission is to have an impact on the lives of 200 children and their families in 2019.
You can help!

TLC is reinvesting in the community by lowering the cost of therapy to families – giving their marketing budget back to families that experience the value:
• $125 base rate
• 20% off – bring one person
• 30% off – bring 2 people
• 40% off – bring 3 people
• 50% off – bring 4 people
• 60% off – bring 5 people ($50/hr)
and so on… even FREE tuition!
*Lowered licensing and materials fees
*Flexible scheduling with transparent billing portal

Start Now!

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