by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Warrior for Peace

student_anichini1When Chase Anichini was in second grade, she was bullied by several classmates. Chase turned to her parents for help, and together they developed a strategy to get the bullies to leave her alone, all while remaining calm and gaining confidence. The strategy worked so well that Chase thought she should share it with other kids in similar situations, so she and her mother wrote a book called Baffle That Bully!. “The book is based on my personal experiences with bullying and the solutions my parents and I discovered to stop the bullying once and for all,” revealed Chase.

As an experienced actress, 16-year-old Chase is now using her talents for a greater good as a member of Theatre of Peace, an acting troupe that travels to local schools to raise awareness about bullying and demonstrate tools students can use immediately to overcome and combat bullying. “I love being a part of Theatre of Peace because it combines two of my biggest passions – acting and promoting bullying prevention and awareness. I also love it because the people there are all so kind and supportive,” said Chase, who has been with the group since 2014.


Name: Chase Anichini (16)
School: Canyon Crest Academy
Grade: 10
Parents: Tom and Amy
Sibling: Jordan (18)
Favorite Local Spots: UTC and The Village at Pacific Highlands

student_anichini2Throughout her experience with bullying, and now as she takes her anti-bullying message out into the world, Chase has always seen her mother as an inspiration. “I am so grateful that I had the experience of writing my book with her. It was such an amazing experience, and it definitely helped me mature,” related Chase. She also cites her voice and acting coach, Leigh Scarritt, as an inspiration in her life, as well as Broadway actress and singer Bernadette Peters.

Chase is proud to attend Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) and be a part of the school’s theater conservatory, spending a great deal of her time rehearsing and performing. In addition to acting, Chase enjoys mathematics classes at CCA. As she looks to the future, she can see herself pursuing degrees in both acting and math in college. “I’d love to give professional acting a shot, but I’m also thinking about a career in the math realm. No matter what I end up doing in the future, I want to continue my work in bullying prevention,” stated this talented and caring student.