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It’s Time to #GOSNOW


Blue Angel Snow offers ski and snowboard camps for kids and teens ages 7 to 16. Five Saturday sessions are held from January through February at Mountain High Resort, with luxury bus transportation offered right from Carmel Valley. The program also features five full days of professional instruction, adult supervision on and off the slopes, lift tickets, lunch, snacks, and a loaded sponsor gift bag.


Blue Angel Snow is comprised of the coolest kids in the whole wide world! Both skiers and snowboarders, from first-year novices to expert shredders who have been hitting the slopes for years. Our professional instructors teach the necessary skills to advance the young skiers and snowboarders to the next level. Check us out at www.BlueAngelSnow.com and join us on the slopes for cool times and warm smiles.

Campers and future campers are invited to attend the Orientation Meeting and Information Session in Del Mar on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. to learn more. Visit www.BlueAngelSnow.com or call 858-509-8926 for more information.


Parent Testimonial:

“If your child loves to ski or snowboard – or really wants to learn how – this is an excellent program for him or her. This will be my son’s sixth year as a participant and he has grown from a beginner to a highly skilled skier who handles any run with safety and confidence. By the third year in the program, my son had already learned more than I could teach him! He’s also gained many other skills from his Blue Angels experience, such as keeping organized, using judgment, observing changing weather conditions, and maintaining energy during a day-long ski trip. Heidi is an amazingly caring and involved program director who literally moves mountains and keeps a close eye on the kids. This program is the perfect way for kids to ski or snowboard all winter long when parents don’t have the time, energy, or money to make multiple trips to Mammoth or Colorado!” – Rory, mother of Cole


www.BlueAngelSnow.com | 858-509-8926