by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Living Authentically

faces_bushman2Carmel Valley’s Angela Bushman started her career as a CPA, but she considers her most important job – the one that has truly created the person Angela has become in business and as a human – being a stay-at-home mother to three children. “Through my ‘motherhood career,’” she smiled, “I developed a better understanding of relationships, borders and boundaries, unconditional love, self-love, and, as any mother can attest to, the skill and handling of multiple creative projects at once!”

Angela has been utilizing these career skills in spades, first creating a business as an intuitive empowerment coach, then branching out as an artist and writer. “Throughout our lives we find times that we look for personal growth, inspiration, and opportunities to learn from,” she affirmed. “I realized that we can be supported or inspired on this journey through many things.” To generate understanding, healing, and life appreciation, Angela teaches many modalities of inspiration with her intuitive empowerment clients. They might practice close reading of a book, examinations of color and movement by experiencing art in multiple ways, or maybe sitting down with a coach for deep subconscious exploration. She enjoys the creation and investigation of these modalities to support others through all their different senses.

Name: Angela Bushman
Profession: Fine art painter, jewelry designer, author, and empowerment coach/speaker
Community: Carmel Valley, Desert Highlands
Family: Three adult children. Two daughters – Lauren and Brittan; son – Grant
Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, dancing, hiking, being by the water
Favorite Local Spots: Mendocino Farms, Tucci Boutique, and Philz Coffee

faces_bushman3After her own life lessons kept reappearing in her empowerment sessions, she knew writing them down could help others connect with their own journeys. Angela’s first book, A Soul’s Journey Home, is her own story of personal growth and reflection, and has become a tool for others to relate to and use to face their own fears and doubts.

Although she’s always had an appreciation for art, Angela never considered herself an artist until she started playing with abstract painting as an emotional release. While writing A Soul’s Journey, Angela used painting when words were too difficult to express or seemed limiting, and since then has progressed from smaller pieces in a watercolor medium to much larger canvases using acrylics. “My artwork is currently represented at the Michael Seewald Gallery at the Del Mar Plaza,” Angela confirmed.

The “newest baby” in Angela’s creative arsenal is her jewelry line, the next artistic tool she can share with others. Angela Bushman’s love of her Carmel Valley surroundings shines through in everything she does: “I love exploring different groups and opportunities to be involved with the community here, as well as creatively offering my own.”