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Character Building Through Community

New Life House Offers Addiction Treatment Aimed at Long-Term Success

mp_newlifehouse2Life-saving,” parents will attest to their experience with New Life House. These are powerful words for a program that has been providing just that for over 33 years. Founded in 1985, New Life House is the lifeline for young adults to overcome addiction and stay sober for the long-term.

The founder of New Life House was inspired to start the program after experiencing addiction treatment. He saw the need for a program to serve as the missing link between short and long-term recovery. In fact, every staff member has experienced the program first-hand, offering insight into what residents may be experiencing. “The program has an unprecedented ability to hone in on the life struggles specific to 18- to 35-year-olds, and allows them to have a community around them in the same age range that can help out with direct experience,” explained David Saruk, Chief Operating Officer.

Community is a cornerstone of the program. Family members are integrated throughout the recovery process, and residents build lifelong relationships. The active alumni program is proof of these bonds. “Our goal is to remain successful long after graduation, so we provide a resource for all our alumni to tap into anytime they need assistance,” David said.

The commitment to long-term sobriety sets New Life House apart from other treatment programs. “Trust people that have experience, and realize that recovery is a process that can’t be completed inside of a few months.” The average stay at New Life House is 13 months. Although people struggling with addiction “will be looking to manipulate the situation any way they can to avoid doing the rigorous internal work required to live a good life in recovery,” David acknowledged. This is a tough position for loved ones who are trying to make the best decision. “Building a foundation in recovery takes ample time, and it’s not something that can be accomplished inside of 30 days.”

That foundation at New Life House is based on teaching vital life skills alongside treating the character of each resident, including the importance of a strong work ethic, living honestly, benefits of community, and essential coping skills for sobriety. “New Life House understands that abstinence is a vital stepping stone to true development of an individual,” David shared, “and our hands-on approach focuses on giving our residents the platform to become the best person they can be.”



Name of Business: New Life House
COO: David Saruk
Years with the Company: 8
Year of Establishment: 1985
Address: 17252 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 289, Torrance, CA 90504
Phone: 888-357-7577
Description of Business: New Life House is an age-specific, long-term structured aftercare facility designed to teach life skills and provide the community necessary for someone to overcome addiction and establish a new life.