The Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) has just announced a $1.8 million annual fundraising goal to allow the Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) to hire enough credentialed specialists for a robust STEAM+ program. STEAM+ learning integrates science, technology, engineering, art, music, and physical education into the K through 6 curriculum at all eight DMUSD elementary schools. DMSEF’s fundraising goal is a result of its discussions with the district about the schools’ STEAM+ needs for the next academic year.

“We sadly lost three credentialed STEAM+ positions across the District this year because we were not able to meet last year’s goal,” said Samantha Madhosingh, DMSEF President and Chair. “We do not want a shortfall to happen again. This year’s goal will restore a fully-funded STEAM+ program for our district.” As part of its strategy to attain this goal, DMSEF is collaborating with each school on what it needs to raise as its share of the overall amount, which is based on each school’s enrollment and need for STEAM+ resources.

Contributions have started to come in from all schools, with many clocking in higher percentages with respect to both dollars raised and family participation as compared to this time last year. District Superintendent, Dr. Holly McClurg, praised the strong response from families and local businesses. “We are so grateful for an involved community. Contributions to DMSEF have a significant and lasting impact on the educational progress for our students,” said McClurg. “STEAM+ learning gives our students hands-on, authentic learning opportunities as part of our extraordinary school experience!”

Because the district’s budget does not allow funding STEAM+ learning at the desired level, DMUSD relies on DMSEF to cover nearly half the costs of hiring credentialed STEAM+ specialists for this extraordinary program each year. More information about DMSEF’s fundraising strategies – including monthly contributions, one-time donations, tiered corporate giving, employer matching, and onsite fundraising events – is at