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Recording Arts Stars

Diploma Program at Studio West Sees Alumni Shine

Studio West has been recording some of the biggest names in the music, TV, and film industry since it opened the doors in Rancho Bernardo in 1986. In 2004, they started offering educational programs for industry professionals and hobbyists and in 2011 launched a full-time, 12-month Diploma in Recording Arts. Now the program has been established for well over five years, and many of the graduates have gone on to find success in the industry at studios and production facilities all over the USA.

Here is a brief snapshot of some of the Diploma Program’s most successful alumni.

adv_studiowest-alexALEX GEHRING (pictured right)
Alex (’16) immediately began working at SIR Studios in New York City as a resident engineer working with both audio and backline. He’s had the opportunity to work behind the board for many established and up-and-coming artists in Manhattan and runs live sound at some of the coolest clubs in the city, such as BlueNote and Subrosa.

Sam (’16) interned at Hans Zimmer Studios (Remote Control Productions), where he was quickly hired to assist with music for numerous television pilots. In January of 2017, Sam began working as a sound designer and sample editor at Amper Music, a new software company that helps people create unique, royalty-free soundtracks.

Jacob (’16) interned at Studio West and at the La Jolla Music Society Summer Fest before landing a job as an audio engineer at SIR Studios in New York City, where he works alongside his classmate and friend Alex Gehring.

Ori (’14) is a location sound mixer for television and film. Some of his clients include ESPN, NBC, E!, Discovery, National Geographic, VICE, CMT, TLC, and more.

adv_studiowest-jonahJonah and Brian (’14) are co-founders of Analog Media Productions, a digital media company based out of San Diego and Los Angeles. Their focus on video production reflects the importance of visual images in the way we consume media.

adv_studiowest-shelbyShelby (’13) found success with the Reggae band The Movement. Their album Side by Side, which Shelby tracked and mixed, debuted at #1 on iTunes’ Reggae charts and #2 on Billboard’s. She is now the audio engineer at The Compound Studios, and has produced five albums.

Steven (’16) became a sound mixer and editor at Turning Point, a non-profit Christian organization in Lakeside. Though the job required five years’ experience, thanks to his Diploma Program knowledge, he was offered the full-time position of sound mixer/editor. Steven works collaboratively with members of the television, radio, and digital media teams to provide audio mixes.

These are just a sample of the amazing things that Diploma students have found themselves a part of. Numerous grads have found success as independent sound engineers with large companies in LA, New York, Nashville, and other major cities across the U.S. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, just think of where our 12-month Diploma in Recording Arts can take you!


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