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Why 30-Day Drug Treatment Isn’t Enough

Research has shown that the chance for long-term success in recovery is exponentially higher in those who have managed to maintain a year of consistent sobriety versus that of individuals in their first days or months. This should come as no surprise when factoring in the physical aftermath of substance use as well as the behavioral and circumstantial change that can occur in a year, but the question still remains: how does one even begin to navigate the vital decisions made in the first year to create the best chance for successful long-term recovery?

And beyond that, if the first year of recovery is so important, then why is the standard length of drug and alcohol rehabilitation only 28 days?
Unfortunately, the average success rate of rehabilitation programs across the country is dismal, with less than 20% of individuals who complete these programs maintaining any long-term sobriety. While insurance companies do cover some lengths of treatment, which vary from person to person, it is rare that insurance plans will cover lengths of treatment longer than 60 to 90 days in any meaningful capacity.

So what are our options when it comes to creating a solid foundation in sobriety after initial treatment is completed?
The answer is simple: aftercare. Long-term, structured recovery homes such as New Life House offer the guidance and stability needed for young men to gain a foothold in recovery that can be sustained. There are a variety of things that you should look at when choosing an aftercare program. New Life House provides:
• The ability to work with individuals currently enrolled in their senior year of high school
• Familial involvement and participation in their son’s recovery process
• Over 30 years of experience providing one of the leading programs for young adults
• Long-term structure and aftercare systems or continued recovery support
• Working closely with individuals who are ready to leave primary, residential, or wilderness programs

If you or someone you love needs help and guidance with navigating the process of recovery from drugs and alcohol, our community can help.


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