Jana Odou, who has lived in Carmel Valley for 30 years, recently appeared on CBS’s The Price Is Right. While attending a taping of the show with her family, Jana had the opportunity to “come on down” to the stage to play One Bid, which she won after bidding just $1 higher than the contestant before her. Jana advanced to the Pricing Game, where she had five chances to guess the price of a new car. “My last guess was on a whim, and when I heard the winning bell I just took off running across the stage to see my new Volkswagen Jetta!” she exclaimed. Jana was the top winner of the day, earning her a place in the Showcase Showdown. She did not ultimately win the Showcase, but she is still grateful for the experience. “I am the one who never wins anything,” she said, “but this time I will be the one driving around Carmel Valley in the red Jetta thankful for all my blessings.”