by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Outdoors and Family-Oriented

family_pasquini3Thirteen years ago, Angela and Jon Pasquini were searching for the perfect place to settle down and start their family. Carmel Valley fit exactly what they wanted in a community. “It has great schools, beautiful weather, and it’s centrally located,” explained Angela. “In our many years here, we have met so many great families in the area who will be lifelong friends.”

Angela works as an administration manager at CUSO Financial Services, a broker-dealer in Scripps Ranch. John works in commercial real estate finance in Carmel Valley. The couple met when they used to work for the same company and were introduced at a holiday work party in Hollywood. “Neither of us were planning on attending the event, and upon meeting, previously recalled a mutual friend indicating how we should meet,” Angela shared. At the time, Angela was working for the company headquarters in La Jolla and Jon was at the Walnut Creek office in Northern California.


Parents: Angela and Jon Pasquini
Children: Vincent (10) and Gianni (9)
Community: Carmel Valley
Parents’ Hometowns: Angela – Vista, CA; Jon – Oakland, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Angela – Administration Manager at CUSO Financial Services;
Jon – Commercial Real Estate Finance

Favorite Local Spot: Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve hiking trails

Today, they have two children, Gianni and Vincent, who are active in sports and the community. Gianni, 9, plays soccer, tennis, basketball, and enjoys boogie boarding. Vincent, 10, plays golf and enjoys parkour, playing with friends, and hiking.

As an active family, they love the hiking trails in Torrey Pines and Los Peñasquitos Canyon. They also enjoy visiting Powerhouse Park and the beach in Del Mar, Liberty Station, and “of course, trying any new good eatery we come across,” Angela said.


While the family loves the outdoors, Angela and Jon acknowledged their reliance on their iPhones to keep track of their busy lives. “If we didn’t use our electronic calendars on our smart phones to sync up our lives, we would fall apart!” Angela said.

For work, for play, and for family life, the Pasquini family is happy to have found the perfect home base. “We are grateful and proud to be 13-year residents of Carmel Valley,” they explained. “We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!”