by RICHARD D. MARKS, Founder and President

Loving What You Do


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Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from deep inside of you. It is the internal reason of your “why.” Of my 30-plus years of working with business and sales professionals, I have discovered that incentives alone do not always work when motivating individuals or teams.

To find love within your profession, uncover your “why.” When you uncover your “why,” you will discover your passion. Passion is that positive internal fuel, which will generate the feeling of loving what you do.

I want to inspire your employees while implementing your company’s vision. Our One Hour of Power session will focus on motivating your employees by helping them set clear goals and objectives.

Hire Richard Marks as your keynote speaker and watch your business exceed to the next level. His method encourages, empowers, and excites your employees to create a harmonious balance in the workplace as well as all areas of life. Give us a call today or visit our website to set up an appointment for your free consultation, and Expect Great Things To Happen.

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