photo by Casper Photogenics

Special Honor

Carmel Valley resident Carolyn Kirner-Schmidt, also known as Mrs. San Diego 2016, competed in the Mrs. California America Pageant in Palm Springs in June. She was awarded the title of Mrs. California Outstanding Married Woman 2017 for her community commitment, volunteering for meaningful causes, and being an exemplary role model for women. Each year one woman is selected by Pageant Director Loni Kallay for this special award. “It was an amazing experience,” Carolyn said about the pageant. “I was impressed with the achievements and selflessness of the contestants. It shows us that beauty is not merely what you see, it is the character of a woman that makes her beautiful.”

Carolyn and the other contestants competed in several events including swimsuit, interview, and stage show. Her platform is to raise money for the nonprofit Victoria’s Voice, which provides first responders with a life-saving medication for drug overdose patients. Since her crowning as Mrs. San Diego and leading up to the pageant, Carolyn has been participating in fundraising events in as many local communities as possible, from Oceanside to Chula Vista. “I met so many San Diegans out in the community who were encouraging and uplifting to me,” Carolyn said.

Aside from pageantry, Carolyn and her husband Chuck are active in San Diego. They enjoy bike riding, boogie boarding, sailing, hiking, doing jigsaw puzzles, and attending local sports games. She is also a practicing family law attorney with her own office in Carmel Valley. Carolyn will be competing in the Mrs. California America Pageant again in June 2018. Learn more at