Expect Great Things to Happen


Richard D. Marks, Founder and President

Obstacles we encounter in life have a simple purpose, and that purpose is to keep you from achieving your lifetime goals. As in any sport, the defense is designed to keep the offense from scoring. The defense unmistakably understands what will happen when the offense scores and will do whatever is necessary to prevent the inevitable.

When you overcome obstacles in life, it has an immediate impact on you, your family, and other spheres of influence. When you overcome your obstacles, your achievements allow others to visualize their future, with the hope of accomplishing their dreams. Understanding your success will unlock unlimited possibilities for others as well.

This is why you must keep pushing forward and never quit. When you value your obstacles with excitement and optimism, you can realize the potential within you.

Making the conscious decision to be excited about life has transformed my world. Being excited about life gives me hope and inspires me to achieve my goals. I have found that moments of excitement can be captured everywhere. I seek excitement within my family, my relationships, and my business career. I am grateful for the power of excitement and would like to encourage each of you to seek out and acknowledge the excitement within your own surroundings.

RDM Management Group is ready to empower your career transformation. Founder and President Richard D. Marks created his professional sales consulting company with four key principles: Self Confidence, Self-Discipline, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivation. These are the same four key principles which have driven his own corporate business career. He has over 30 years of successful sales and leadership experience. Prior to founding RDM Management Group, Richard spent 18 years as a highly regarded sales leader in the competitive wireless industry, where he transform struggling sales teams into top performers.

RDM Management Group offers a variety of services, from Sales Training and Motivational Speaking to Team Building and Performance Coaching. From aiding businesses with an established sales process to working with business owners seeking to optimize their businesses through qualified talent, RDM Management Group is your solution provider.

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