by SHYANNE LOPEZ | photos provided by Highlands Jewelers

Crafting A Legacy 

Family-Owned Highlands Jewelers Is Carmel Valley’s Not-So-Hidden Gem

For the team at Highlands Jewelers, the one thing more important than unwavering dedication to high-quality service is treating each and every customer like family. A true family business at heart, Highlands Jewelers maintains honesty and integrity as its highest priority. Combine their dedication to customer service with Owner Victor Manoushakian’s many achievements and certifications in the jewelry industry, and you get a jeweler you can trust with your most precious of stones.

mp_highlandjewelers1“We pride ourselves on being the number one jewelry store in Northern San Diego,” Victor avowed.
The story behind Highlands Jewelers began when Victor was just an apprentice at his uncle’s shop. He later moved to Montreal, Canada, where he worked under and learned from one of the top jewelers in the area, Birks. “Since I was young, I always wanted to have my own jewelry business,” Victor shared. Victor moved to La Jolla in 1978 and worked for Bowers Jewelers. With the support of his family, he opened Highlands Jewelers in 1989, one of the first retail jewelry stores in Carmel Valley.

Today, Highlands Jewelers is a one-stop shop for all of your jewelry needs. The store offers a wide selection of fine jewelry and handmade jewelry, and they now specialize in designing custom pieces with the help of state-of-the-art 3D technology. In addition to their merchandise, Highlands Jewelers offers a wide range of services, with an emphasis on specialty jewelry design and repair, laser solder repair, watch repair, and battery installation. They possess experience in all metals, diamonds, precious stones, and gemstones. Victor noted, “We have an onsite jeweler/craftsman, so all repairs are done on the premises – we do not ship anything out.”

“We pride ourselves on being the number one jewelry store in Northern San Diego.”
– Victor Manoushakian, owner

To further exemplify their passion for cultivating a satisfied and loyal clientele, Victor and his family take pride in giving back to their beloved community. Victor served as the merchant representative for the Carmel Valley Planning Board. He and his wife have also volunteered throughout the years at each of their children’s schools, and they continue to support local schools through donations. “We are proud that our small family business has been able to thrive and keep moving forward. We would not have been able to do so without this community’s ongoing support and trust in us,” said Victor. “We have been in Carmel Valley for 28 years and we plan on being here for the next 28 years as a family-owned and operated business.”


Name of Business: Highlands Jewelers
Owner: Victor Manoushakian
Manager: Jeannette Manoushakian
Years in Position: 40 years
Year of Establishment: 1989
Address: 3830 Valley Center Dr. #706, San Diego, CA, 92130
Phone: 858-481-9193
Description of Business: Carmel Valley’s neighborhood jewelry store, family-owned and operated for 28 years and counting.