Giving Back in Baja

x_bajagiveback2For the past seven years, Carmel Valley Middle School (CVMS) student Danny Limas An has traveled to Baja California to donate sporting equipment, clothing, and toys to people in need. Danny’s mother Gloria would often travel to Mexico in the ‘90s when she was a journalist, where she saw how little the children had there. She promised herself that she would take her own future children back to Baja to teach them to appreciate everything they had. The trip is now a family affair; the Limas An family returns multiple times a year, usually around the holidays and again in January or summertime. Gloria picks a different community each time they go so they can meet new people. “I am so proud of the fact that Danny takes it upon himself now that he is older to give to those in need, especially around the holiday season,” she said.

Danny donates used sports gear that is still in good condition, such as baseballs, bats, mitts, bags, tennis balls and racquets, footballs and helmets, basketballs, and lacrosse equipment. He donates his own equipment, as well as items from teammates, coaches, and sister Melanie. “It’s a good feeling when the kids in Mexico smile and say ‘gracias.’ A couple of times the families have invited us to have dinner with them,” Danny said. “I love the homemade tortillas and tamales!” Danny plans on continuing the tradition for as long as he can. He also plans to someday attend Harvard to study law and become a criminal lawyer.