Envision Visual Arts (EVA) at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) recently held its Festival of the Arts. The event allowed students to showcase their work and was an opportunity for other students, parents, and community members to see the art created at CCA across all disciplines. In addition to the art gallery, the event also included dance pieces, vocal and instrumental music, pop-up theater pieces, short films, food trucks, and custom-made buttons and merchandise for sale, created by students.

“We have been developing the event over the last few years to create a more festival-like atmosphere to encourage attendees to stay and check out art from all of the different classes at CCA,” said EVA Coordinator Jessica Mortensen. “The flow of the event kept you moving through the spaces and it was ever-changing throughout the evening.” Over 500 people attended the festival, which raised funds for all EVA programs at CCA. Learn more at www.cca-envision.org.