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Patient-Centered Medicine

Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center Provides Patients With a Comprehensive Road Map to Becoming Pain-Free

cs_sorrentopainrelief2Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center is at the cutting edge of patient-centered medicine, creating a comprehensive personal road map for each of their patients, and providing a range of services to treat any form of acute or chronic pain. Patients can expect to spend more time with the practitioners at the center than when visiting a conventional provider. According to Dr. Mandeep Walia, a large part of the center’s integrated approach is exploring detailed family and personal history, the circumstances surrounding the emergence of symptoms, and experiences with other healthcare providers. “What we know in the medical community is that one illness often leads to another and another. If we get to the core causality, we can treat the patient instead of the illness. With the right tools and information, we can identify diseases years before their symptoms become obvious. This is why I do what I do for a living because living is the goal,” revealed Dr. Walia.

“If we get to the core causality, we can treat the patient instead of the illness.” – Dr. Walia

Dr. Walia is the center’s clinic director, wellness consultant, and chiropractor. She earned her bachelor’s and Master of Science degree from McMaster University and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Jeremy LaMotte, the medical director of the center, is board certified in family medicine and has specialized training in functional medicine, which looks at the interactions among genetic and environmental lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and chronic disease. Both healthcare professionals are proud to have served the community since 2011.

Services Include:

Physical Medicine and Non-narcotic Pain Relief
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Medical Weight Loss
Chiropractic Care
Spinal Decompression Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Massage Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy with bioTE

Dr. Walia, Dr. LaMotte, and the rest of the center’s professional team provide patients pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery. Using a combination of conservative therapies such as natural medical treatment, physical therapy, and chiropractic, the center treats the root cause of pain, offerering diagnosis and treatment for patients who want to stay pain-free naturally. “We uncover the underlying causes of a patient’s health problem through careful history taking, physical examination, and laboratory testing. Once we have the results, we design an individual treatment plan that may include a combination of lifestyle changes, physical medicine, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, hormone replacement, and/or a detoxification program,” explained Dr. Walia. Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center specializes in chronic neck, back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain relief, optimizing hormones by correcting imbalances and medical weight loss.

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Business: Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center
Owner: Dr. Jeremy LaMotte and Dr. Mandeep Walia
Manager: Ameet Bhatia
Years in Position: 6
Year of Establishment: 2011
Address: 5955 Mira Mesa Blvd. Suite D
Phone: 858-404-5944
Description of Business: Comprehensive and integrated multi-specialty practice to relieve acute and chronic pain without the use of the drugs, and achieve wellness by optimizing hormones, and increase quality of life while preventing age related diseases.