Rising Prodigy

x_taekwondo4Eight-year-old Channah Zeitung has already become quite a taekwondo sensation in her young life. She was introduced to martial arts at just two years old and began her taekwondo training at age three. She became a California State Champion at age four and appeared on Katie Couric’s television show Katie as one of Katie’s “wonder kids,” the youngest martial artist to appear on national television. Channah earned her karate black belt at age five and her American Taekwondo Association (ATA) black belt at age six. The Carmel Del Mar Elementary School student is now a five-time Pan American Champion and is ranked number one in her division (eight and under black belts) worldwide.

Channah, along with fellow students from Church’s Martial Arts, joined over 1,400 athletes from 20 countries at the 2016 Pan American Championships in Uruguay in September. Channah took home five of the 15 total championships won by Church’s Martial Arts students in Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons (bo staff), Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, and Extreme Weapons. “I loved competing at the Pan Am games because I got to meet more of my ATA worldwide family and we got to share our martial arts styles,” she said.

In 2013, Channah and her mentor Rayna Vallandingham were chosen to be the poster children for the Pink Belt Campaign for Wishing for Mommy, a fundraiser that aids mothers who are suffering from breast cancer. She and Rayna traveled throughout the U.S., Indonesia, Australia, and Mexico promoting the Pink Belt Campaign and teaching martial arts leadership. Channah remains devoted to her sport – she has her eye on the 2028 Olympics – and continues to act as a role model for other children. Learn more about Channah’s journey at www.channahzeitung.com.

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