Inspiring Patriotism

92130 residents Sarah and Hannah Dautel will introduce their new children’s book, Ajax Bound for Glory, this Veterans Day weekend. The book tells the tale of a young rabbit who dreams of military heroism. But when a training accident leaves him severely injured, his world is shattered and he must learn to turn his tragedy into triumph. Sarah and Hannah’s combined backgrounds in history, music, and art enable them to bring mature subject matter down to a child’s level.

x_sister_publishbook2The idea behind the book was inspired by the sisters’ own experience as young people growing up in a post-9/11 culture. “September 11th left such a deep impression on us as kids, as it did so many others,” Sarah said. “In the years following, as people our age and even younger were being deployed and sacrificing life and limb, the burning question in our minds was, ‘Okay, what can we do?’” Sarah and Hannah ultimately want to inspire patriotism in their young readers. “Children from military families understand this sort of thing but for many young Americans, the idea of freedom has no cost attached to it. We want today’s children to understand that freedom is not free, and how we can honor those who have paid for it.”

Sarah and Hannah will be signing copies of the book on Saturday, Nov. 12 at Elam’s Hallmark in Carmel Valley. There will also be live readings and illustration demonstrations throughout the afternoon, as well as refreshments and activities for kids. Learn more about the book at