A group of veterans known as the Veterans’ Writing Group (VWG) recently wrote a book of stories that documents their personal experiences of being away from home during the holiday season. Away For the Holidays originated as a writing prompt in one of the group’s meetings; however, everyone was so impressed with the stories shared that they were compiled into a book. “Their stories were insightful, humorous, heartbreaking, and entertaining,” said VWG Co-Founder and 92130 resident Gail Chatfield. “We felt that others would enjoy reading what that sacrifice was like.” The group will distribute free copies of the book to other veterans at local United Service Organizations, military hospitals, and the VA. It will also be available on Amazon.

The VWG helps veterans improve writing skills, develop a creative outlet, share their experiences, and more. The group is open to all veterans regardless of writing skill level. Learn more at www.veteranswritinggroup.org.