by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Make This Year Different

Therapeutic Literacy Center and FAY Center Offer Real Solutions for Improving Learning Skills in Children and Teens

The professional, passionate team at Therapeutic Literacy Center (TLC) and the FAY Center are firm believers that learning difficulties don’t have to be permanent. “Sometimes we cross our fingers and hope that the new school year will be different, but it’s rare that change happens without true intervention,” shared owner Maria Bagby. This philosophy is the essence of both TLC and the new FAY Center. According to Maria, traditional tutoring addresses the immediate problem but does not correct the cause of the challenge. When a child is struggling in school, it is painful for the student and for the family. Difficulties in school can affect self-esteem in all aspects of a child’s life. TLC’s innovative approach can significantly improve a student’s learning skills because it addresses the root cause of a child’s learning difficulties. “The investment in identifying and strengthening the underlying skills is uniquely different than educational therapy and tutoring. It’s a short-term investment for a lifetime of change,” shared Maria.


Is this your child?
• Takes too long to do homework
• Says “huh?” or “what?” often
• Misses social cues and interrupts
• Has a hard time paying attention in school
• Has difficulty in reading, writing, or math
• Has ADHD but you don’t want to medicate him/her

Is this your teenager?
• Has difficulty completing homework
• Hard on themselves
• Has missing assignments
• Grades affected from being unorganized
• Defensive about school
• Depressed, anxious, or low self-esteem
• Lacking direction

Is this you or your family?
• Conflicts about homework
• Spending hours doing homework with your child
• Experiencing difficulty in parent-child relationships

If you and your child can relate to any of these scenarios,
TLC or the FAY Center can help make a change.

cs_tlcfay3A lifetime of change – the FAY Center helps to further strengthen that concept. There are many adolescents – more than people realize – that have difficulty navigating their changing environments as they move from middle school to high school to college. The FAY Center was created to help these young people manage their growing list of responsibilities. It’s all about using the energy adolescents have and harnessing it in a direction that helps them thrive. Sometimes, that direction just needs to come from someone other than a parent. The FAY Center offers one-on-one and small group mentoring, executive functioning and life skills training specifically designed for pre-teens and adolescents. The center also offers regular events with speakers on topics such as “Parenting an Electronic Generation” and “Why Doesn’t My Child Turn in Their Homework?”

“Sometimes we cross our fingers and hope that the new school year will be different, but it’s rare that change happens without true intervention.” – Maria Bagby, owner


The team at TLC and the FAY Center know that by making changes in underlying learning skills, students don’t have to struggle in school. This realization is what prompted Maria to leave the educational system and establish TLC, and the FAY Center. TLC has actually expanded three times since its establishment in 2012. “We have facilitated 17 children exiting special education and many others from falling behind so much that they would qualify,” said Maria. TLC is described as a “safe haven” for students. All programs are individualized based on each student’s needs and are designed to be fun and life-changing. Both TLC and the FAY Center work not only with students that have learning disabilities but with any student who faces academic challenges.


Business: Therapeutic Literacy Center and FAY Center
Owner: Maria Bagby
TLC Director: Chelsea Leatherman
FAY Center Director: Sara Smith
Year of Establishment: 2012
Phone: 858-481-2200
Address: 990 Highland Dr. Suite 106-D, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Business Description: TLC solves learning challenges and disabilities by addressing the underlying skills causing the learning problems. The FAY Center helps adolescent discover their strengths and learn to manage school and life efficiently and positively through life skills training and mentoring.