Sweet Dreams

x_teenmakeover3Carmel Valley Girl Scouts in Troop 1224 worked with Cecily’s Closet to makeover a room for Vesna, a bright, social 18-year-old girl who was born with Down syndrome. She lost her mom to cancer and needed a feminine touch to help her with the transition into adulthood. Lauren Goldman, Peyton Hall, Ashley Jabro, Moriah Seymann, Abigail Shah, Juliana Valenzuela, Kayla Wesseln, and Abigail’s sister Gaby Shah stepped in to help transform Vesna’s bedroom into a mature, calm space. The girls learned all about Vesna’s likes and dislikes, then worked together to clean and sort her belongings, design the new room, pick out decorations, and put everything together. They also made her a custom recipe book, a place to keep all of her track and field medals, and signs to remind her that she is loved.

Vesna was overjoyed with the final outcome of the makeover and was grateful for the attention and love she received. The Girl Scouts wished to stay in touch with Vesna even after the makeover was complete, so they all helped her celebrate her 18th birthday and several of the girls helped her get ready for her prom. “Our Girl Scout troop recognizes that there are so many kind people that we have as role models,” said troop leader Kelly Wesseln. “It’s nice that we can help others and become role models to others.”

Cecily’s Closet is a nonprofit whose purpose is to spread stories of hope, love, and encouragement to children with special needs and their families in San Diego County. The organization recycles medical equipment, offers free belly bands for children with feeding tubes, and provides “Sweet Dream” room makeovers for children with special needs. Discover more at www.cecilyscloset.org.