by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Active in Archery

When Keaton Chia prepared to propose to his girlfriend Evonne, he had chosen a few special places during their trip to Japan. Keaton explained, “The first one was at a temple. The legend goes that if you can walk from one special rock to another with your eyes closed, you will find your true love.” But when they arrived, a group of teenagers trying to do this thwarted his plans. He moved on to a wishing well, but it was closed when they arrived. His third choice, a place widely considered to be the most beautiful street in Asia, happened to be disappointingly ordinary during that season. The special moment finally took place at Sanjusangendo, a temple well known among archery enthusiasts. Considering Keaton and Evonne’s relationship started through the sport, Keaton acknowledged, “There was no escaping archery!”

Their first introduction happened at a beginner archery class that Keaton was instructing. He and Evonne quickly became friends, going on to compete together on the Cal Archery Team and even winning a bronze medal in the mixed team competition. “Not only is it fun to shoot an arrow,” he said, “but the people in the sport are great as well.”


Today, archery still plays a prominent role in the Carmel Valley family’s life. Keaton is the director of the Easton Archery Center of Excellence, and his parents and siblings all shoot. Evonne is not as active in the sport as she used to be before the birth of their daughter Adeline, but the sport will continue to be a family affair. Keaton and Evonne look forward to teaching their daughter how to shoot.
While both Keaton and Evonne grew up in California, their parents immigrated to the U.S. “We love hearing about our roots and continuing the cultural traditions we grew up with,” shared Keaton. As a family, many of their traditions center around food. “I think cooking carries with it many of our family’s traditions and stories.”

Life these days for the Chia family is also centered around all the recent changes. “We have been adjusting to a flurry of new things, from a new job position at the Easton Archery Center of Excellence, new baby, and now moving into our new home,” shared the couple. In the long-term, Evonne and Keaton look forward to making a positive difference in their community and sharing the sport they love with others.

Names: Keaton and Evonne Chia
Children: Adeline (1)
Community: Carmel Valley
Hometowns: Keaton – Castro Valley, CA; Evonne – San Diego
Occupation: Keaton – Director of Easton Archery Center of Excellence
Favorite Spots in 92130: Del Mar Highlands, Grace Point Church, and local parks and bike trails

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