The 92130-based Vision of Children Foundation (VOC) is celebrating 25 years of funding research to find cures for hereditary childhood blindness and other vision disorders, and improving the lives of visually impaired individuals and their families. VOC was founded in 1991 by San Diego residents Sam and Vivian Hardage after their son was born with a rare vision disorder. After discovering a lack of research efforts around the world, Vivian and Sam were determined to bring vision disorders to the scientific forefront – and they’ve accomplished just that. “It’s really amazing how far we’ve come,” said Sam. “Knowledge about genetic eye diseases has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Treatments and cures are well within our reach thanks to our pioneering research in these areas.”
VOC remains committed to providing adequate research funding until these genetic diseases are completely eradicated. “It will be a happy day for us when we can say that we’ve given children the gift of sight,” Vivian said. Discover more at