Three years ago, students in Canyon Crest Academy’s Humanities and Envision Visual Arts Conservatories started a project called Spirit Skies. It is a four-part graphic novel series following the adventures of children located in four of the earth’s biomes, teaching them about the environment, culture, and history of their region through the eyes of a hummingbird.

The team presented the project at the Comic Arts Conference, an academic conference within Comic-Con, this year. The students who presented include: Justine Kwon, Isabella Spadone, Adrienne Rozells, Diane Kang, Haley Chung, Emily Chau, Emma Halpern, and Sophia Bayat. They were accompanied by Conservatory Coordinators Timothy Stiven and Zac Brown.

Spirit Skies aims to connect people of all ages to nature, no matter where they are in the world. Once completed, the project will be used as a learning tool in hospitals, schools, and other centers around the world. Discover more at